Toy train sets


What ever happened to toy trains?

There was a time when this was America’s most popular toy.  A little engine puffing around the Christmas tree remains one of our favorite icons of the Holiday Season.  Most model train systems are not for children anymore; the focus seems to be on meticulous detail and realism.   But, a $400 scale model locomotive is great for grandfathers, not for little boys and girls.  

We love toy trains!  At Rokenbok, we decided it was time to design a modern version that would be fun and hold the interest of today’s kids.  We choose to make a fundamental trade-off, by giving up realistic detail in favor of rugged play value.  Here’s what we thought was important in designing a fun, new classic in toy trains:

  • Fun interactive jobs to do, like loading and unloading cargo.
  • Make interesting track layouts including switches and crossings.
  • Build trestles and bridges quickly and easily.

Toy Trains and Rokenbok

Because it's part of the Rokenbok system, our toy train would have to work with everything else Rokenbok.  We even came to the conclusion that making the tracks out of building pieces was the way to go, so that our customers would not have to collect special track pieces.

All of this added up to a very tough engineering challenge, but soon the