Best Christmas Reaction of All Time

This video was sent to us last Christmas, and it's still one of our favorites, so we had to share it again!

Jeff Boden and his wife have three budding engineers who love to build. Their oldest had been asking for Rokenbok and watching our videos for 3 years. Well, last Christmas his wish came true.

Jeff said, “My wife and I had no idea there would be such an extreme reaction. But, I suppose that is the reaction you get when a kid has been asking for Rokenbok for Christmas for 3 years. That's 3 years of fulfilled hopes and dreams exploding out of a 7 year old boy!”

Engineers In The Making!

We received a message from Austin and Mom, Lisa this week. 

Some ROK-tastic Robot Builds To Inspire You

Rokenbok Education announced earlier this week the launch of our new versatile, mobile robotics platform, allowing young engineers to build thousands of robots. The Maker ROK-Robotics Start Set comes with 5 out-of-the-box builds but we wanted to inspire you and get the creative juices flowing. Here are a few other super cool builds to check out. PS: We want to see what you build! Email your builds or videos to

Winning Photos!

A BIG thanks to everyone who participated! We loved seeing everyone's photos this holiday season. It was really hard to pick just 5 winners so we also chose two runners up families that will receive a Action Sorter and Conveyor. Note: Winning families are responsible for covering the shipping of their prize.

Holiday photo contest winners:

Hoover Family

Jaeger Family

Zeng Family

Henz Family

Low Family


And our two runner up family photos:

Reed Family

McLaughlin Family

Holiday Shipping Information

Need your order by Christmas? Use our handy map below to find out when your last possible order day is! All Rokenbok orders ship next business day out of Plainfield, IN via Fedex. 


Big Smiles - Rokenbok Photo Contest

We’re having our fourth annual Holiday Photo Contest! Five lucky families will win their choice of a Tower of ROK Mania, Monorail Mania Start Set, or ROK Blocks Combo Kit!

One of the Most Amazing Builds Ever!

Justin, an incredibly talented and long-time Rokenboker, sent us this video showcasing his latest build - a "ball contraption."

His ball contraption took several months to design and build. It very cleverly uses a single X2 unit to power the entire machine and rotate the arms that carry the balls to the top.

Bay Area Maker Faire 2014!

150,000 makers gathered at the San Mateo Event Center grounds to partake in the largest show and tell on Earth, Maker Faire. This mind-blowing spectacle included a gigantic 40 foot tall mechanical octopus that spits fire, human-size muffin (and cupcake) cars, a life-size mouse trap game, metal dragon cars, drones, 3D printing, and all things DIY.

Open Source Library

In an effort to promote a true engineering environment, kid*spark has partnered with Rokenbok Education to release an Open Source Library of building parts. The Open Source Library currently boasts over 100 parts that can be freely downloaded, modified, and 3D printed.


Build a Transformer Out of ROK Blocks

Looking for something new and fun to build with your ROK Blocks? Try making this Transformer Robot! The arms and head can move using a swivel and hinge blocks!

1. Gather the pieces you'll need from the part count below.

2. Start by building the legs. The red blocks on the side will help stabilize the robot.

3. Build the torso and connect it to the legs

Teenager Builds Thrill Rides with Rokenbok

When Justin built this elaborate Rokenbok recreation of the Demon Drop ride, which is similar to freefall rides at amusement parks, he was just 15 years old. The talented teen's ride not only drops the car down the vertical track but also returns it to the starting position so the ride can drop again. 

Take a look at how the Demon Drop ride works below:


Winners of the Holiday Photo Contest!

We asked for photos of your kids on Christmas morning as they opened their brand new Rokenbok toys and you more than delivered. We received over 100 photos and videos of  children with their new construction sets and remote control vehicles. Their ecstatic reactions were, quite simply, priceless. Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to the five winners, who together will receive over $750 in Rokenbok toys.

Grand Prize Winners

10 Rokenbok Tips To Impress Your Kids!

A lot of people don't realize how many awesome things their ROK Star Controller can do! Here are just a few of the hidden features!

1. Flash back and forth between vehicles, like the back button on your TV remote!

2. Use the "1" button for a siren.

3. Hold down the right forefinger button to enter slow mode for more precise turns.

4. Mute sounds by holding down the left forefinger button and hitting "B". Unmute with the same buttons.

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