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When it comes to Black Friday & Cyber Monday, Rokenbok knows that you are looking for the best deals for your child’s Christmas. At Rokenbok, not only do you get great deals on the toys your children will play with for years to come, but you also miss all the long lines and crowded toy stores. All orders $99+ receive free shipping in the US. Add those savings to our special Thanksgiving deals, and you’ll have a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend at home with the family.

Rokenbok Online Builders Portal: BETA

Rokenbok has created a virtual sandbox for Rokenbokers to create any building, structure, machine or idea that you could ever think of using all the 60 different types of parts available. Imagine your favorite build, design it using the CAD model software specifically created for Rokenbok, build your favorite building, structure or machine and then share it with the Rokenbok community. Swap scamatics and blue prints for some of the most unique, coolest builds of all time at Rokenbok Online Builder's Portal.

Rokenbok Communities on the Web

Join Rokenbok in the following communities on the Web to share your photos, videos, ROK stories and questions.

Rokenbok on YouTube - Watch videos from Rokenbokers like yourself and submit & share videos of your favorite builds. We enjoy hearing about and seeing your creations and imagination at work.


ROK Slide in Episode 2 of Rokenbok Go Team Series Adventures

New for 2011! Mighty Monorail with Storage Depot Complete Action Set

The Monorail is our easiest vehicle to drive, and offers multiple levels of function and challenge for even the most advanced Rokenboker. This unique vehicle glides across a track created from standard Rokenbok building pieces! Combined with our Monorail Storage Deopt this complete monorail system allows you to transport ROKs to the depot and freight yard in no time.

Some of the Coolest Rokenbok Build Photos - From Actual Rokenbok Customers


Have a peak at some of the coolest Rokenbok buildings from Rokenbok Forum members BidKid, Breaker & Alkhalikoi.

Submitted by: BigKid, Virginia

The Evolution of the ROK Star Controller


ROK Star is our 2nd generation wireless, multi-player, multi-vehicle remote control.  The ROK Star Controller not only lets you control any number of Rokenbok machines, it lets you switch on the go. Just point and your in control. What’s more, everyone can play. 

ROK Star Controller: Wireless

Rokenbok Construction Pieces & RC Controllers: Award-Winning Construction Toy

50+ Industry awards. Parent awards. Kid choice awards. In just a few years, the Rokenbok system has received the National Parenting Seal of Approval, the Family Fun Magazine Toy of the Year Award, the Duracell Kids’ Choice National Toy of the Year Award as well as recognition from the Today Show, Family Life Magazine, Working Mothers’ Magazine and many others.

Rokenbok Toys by 24/7 Moms

ROK Blocks, Rokenbok Construction, & ROK Star Controllers: Lifetime Warranty

Because every Rokenbok construction toy component and machine is precisely engineered for compatibility, your child will be using this years gifts as part of their most complex Rokenbok creations ten years from now.

2 Player Complete Action Set with 5 Rok Star Machines! - Save $80

These Rokenbok superstars are easily combined to make a factory and warehouse, complete with its own Rokenbok railyard! This Holiday Season bundle features 5 ROK Star Machines and 2 ROK Star Controllers: