The Evolution of the ROK Star Controller

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ROK Star is our 2nd generation wireless, multi-player, multi-vehicle remote control.  The ROK Star Controller not only lets you control any number of Rokenbok machines, it lets you switch on the go. Just point and your in control. What’s more, everyone can play. 

ROK Star Controller: Wireless

This generation of Rokenbok controller has no wires at all; there is no base station or central transmitter to hook up to because every ROK Star Controller communicates directly with ROK Star Machines.  Now you won't knock over structures or get tangled up with other Rokenbok controllers. Play in any size space, because you can even follow your ROK Star machines from room-to-room and never loose control.

ROK Star Controller: Multi-Player Multi-Vehicle Remote Control

Add as many ROK Star remote controllers and Rokenbok machines as you want, there are no numbered keys like with the old controllers. Just point at the machine you want and your in control. The number of machines and controllers in your collection is unlimited!