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Expanding Your World

After buying your first start set a lot of families want to know, "How should I add on?" Rokenbok has been designed so that all our contruction toys, building sets, and vehicles all work together. More construction sets, building pieces, and vehicles equals more fun! At the same time, some of our construction sets work better with certain remote control vehicles than others. We've also designed some sets specifically as perfect additions to our start sets! So here's what we recommend based on what product you've started with.

Win $500 of Rokenbok! Photo Contest

Rokenbok is having it's first ever Christmas photo contest! Your family could add $500 worth of Rokenbok to your existing sets! All you have to do is have your camera ready Christmas morning.


What kind of photos are we looking for?

Children opening Rokenbok, playing with Rokenbok, and having FUN with Rokenbok this Christmas! 

-Facial Expressions 

-Excitement Factor

-Overall Atmosphere

-Capturing Christmas Morning

-Play Time Well Spent

-Quality of photo (must be high resolution)

Top 5 Most Popular Toys at

Top 5 Most Popular Toys at


Rokenbok has a whole system of awesome and fun construction toy sets. We have everything you need to create the ultimate construction toy set adventure in your living room this Christmas. See what we mean when we say it really is Playtime Well Spent. Curious as to what the Top 5 Most Popular Toys at this November 2011? Here they are: 

Robot Attacks in the New Go Team Premiere!

Special Holiday Bundles- Save up to $80!

There's nothing like the magic of the holidays. The weather is turning colder and everyone has hot chocolate, cookies, and family time on the brain. This holiday make your family's celebration a day to remember with our unique holiday bundles. 

New Rok'n Products!

We are rolling out some awesome brand new building sets and remote control Machines!

Our first building set and remote control Machine is the Remote Control Dozer with Recycling Center.

Remote Control Dozer with Recycling Center

Behind the Scenes of Jackson's Thriller Video: Rokenbok Style

If you haven't seen this fantastic Rokenbok inspired Thriller video you should. It'll put you right into the spooky Halloween state of mind. This one of a kind spooky Thriller adventure features a fleet of ghostly Rokenbok construction machines shot all live action with only two controllers. 

Educational Toys Are Better Than Broccoli


No one ever said the term educational toy had to be on the same plane as green vegetables. But children have this uncanny and rebellious tendency to reject things that are really good for them. Why do you think serving broccoli is like pulling teeth? We're here to rescue you.

Building Set Sale



Rokenbok is excited to announce its last start set sale of the year featuring 25% off our best selling Complete Action Sets.


Lights, Camera, Action!

Last week was chaotic, busy, and a ton of fun. Rokenbok flew out arguably three of our best Rokenbok builders to help design building sets, assemble, and create a new series of Rokenbok videos. Cram three teenage boys, a director, Rokenbok employees, a TON of Rokenbok, lights, tripods, and lots of fancy camera equipment  into our small upstairs lab and you can imagine the insanity that followed.