Girls in the Spotlight

The Dinos Are Coming!

We've been busy planning, creating, and building at Rokenbok HQ. We're rolling out 7 new ROK Block products that are being packaged in clear plastic storage bins for easy access and clean up.

Q: How do new products get designed?

Rokenbok And Autism

Justin Padilla has been a Rokenbok champion builder for several years now creating unbelievably complex working roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and tramway systems. We're always impressed that he somehow seems to upstage one spectacular build with a new one. See his YouTube channel of Rokenbok builds here. One day Justin walked into his room to find something he had never seen before. To his excitement he found his younger autistic sister immersed in his Rokenbok collection.

5 Famous Buildings Made of Rokenbok!

State Champs Win With Rokenbok!

We're Giving Away $750 of Rokenbok!

Skyscraper Adventure Release

Hi Rokenbokers!

We're excited for the launch of our first ever storybook adventure. We've worked hard to make this one of our best adventures yet and to add to the excitement we're giving away the Town Hall and Forklift featured in the video. Now your family can bring the Skyscraper adventure to your living room. How to enter is detailed out below!


Contest: Where are Lynn and Bruce?!

Lynn and Bruce our dashing and newly engaged Rokenbok couple decided to take a celebratory trip to the city. As misfortune would have it King Kong escaped and managed to capture Lynn. Luckily Bruce was there with the help of the Rokenbok crew to save the day but the whole event left everyone a little shaken.

What Will You Build?

Here are some more great examples of the types of things you can build with Rokenbok. We're always impressed with what families come up with! With Rokenbok there are so many possibilities and so much creativity! How will your family spend their time together this week? What will you build?


Pets + Rokenbok + Camera = Prizes

You'd be surprised at how often we are told that cats love Rokenbok or even for that matter guinnea pigs but, the chicken thing...yeah, that caught us off guard. Moral of the story; we've been listening to your funny pet stories and we've decided to pull it all together and make a contest out of it!

Welcome to the Pets + Rokenbok + Camera = Prizes Contest!