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A Sweet Little Love Story

$500 Photo Contest Winner!

First, we'd truly like to thank all the families that participated. We appreciate you all letting us see a little into your homes and it brought a lot of smiles to our faces. Choosing a winner was far from an easy task. We DO have  a winner though!

Drummmm roll! Our winner of $500 dollars worth of Rokenbok is.....


Expanding on Deluxe ROK Blocks

Deluxe ROK Blocks is one of our most creative and engaging construction sets specially engineered for youngsters but fun for all ages! Trust us, we can't put them down either. It's only natural at some point to want to make the jump into remote control portion of Rokenbok and jump into ROK Star. So what products are best for a family that only has Deluxe ROK Blocks?

Expanding on Mighty Monorail with Storage Depot Complete Action Set

So you are the proud owner of your very own Mighty Monorail with Storage Depot Complete Action Set! You've had fun with your monorail but now you're wondering...."How do I take this to the next level of awesome?" We're here to help! Check out but don't feel limited by what we suggest. A little creativity will take you far!

(See links for products below image)

Expanding on Get ROK'n Young Builder & Action Set

Get ROK'n Young Builder and Action Set is a wonderful jumping off point for a family with a young child. The ROK Star Remote Control is easy to put in restricted mode to make it even easier to ease into an RC vehicle and young children love the front loading dump truck and conveyor belt. At some point you might begin to wonder, "Where do we go from here?"

Although it can differ family to family here are some recommendations we feel you can't go wrong with! (Links below image)

Expanding on ROK Works Construction & Action Set

ROK Works Construction and Action Set is one of our favorite and most popular complete action sets! If you already own one you might be wondering..."Well, what construction sets or remote control vehicles are best to add on with?"

Although it can differ family to family here are some recommendations we feel you can't go wrong with! (Links below image)

Expanding Your World

After buying your first start set a lot of families want to know, "How should I add on?" Rokenbok has been designed so that all our contruction toys, building sets, and vehicles all work together. More construction sets, building pieces, and vehicles equals more fun! At the same time, some of our construction sets work better with certain remote control vehicles than others. We've also designed some sets specifically as perfect additions to our start sets! So here's what we recommend based on what product you've started with.

Win $500 of Rokenbok! Photo Contest

Rokenbok is having it's first ever Christmas photo contest! Your family could add $500 worth of Rokenbok to your existing sets! All you have to do is have your camera ready Christmas morning.


What kind of photos are we looking for?

Children opening Rokenbok, playing with Rokenbok, and having FUN with Rokenbok this Christmas! 

-Facial Expressions 

-Excitement Factor

-Overall Atmosphere

-Capturing Christmas Morning

-Play Time Well Spent

-Quality of photo (must be high resolution)

Customer Video: Rokenbok Rube Goldberg Machine


A small Rube Goldberg contraption built entirely with Rokenbok. Leave a comment if you'd like to see me take this further. Imagine this but 3 times as big.