Expanding Your World

After buying your first start set a lot of families want to know, "How should I add on?" Rokenbok has been designed so that all our contruction toys, building sets, and vehicles all work together. More construction sets, building pieces, and vehicles equals more fun! At the same time, some of our construction sets work better with certain remote control vehicles than others. We've also designed some sets specifically as perfect additions to our start sets! So here's what we recommend based on what product you've started with.

Win $500 of Rokenbok! Photo Contest

Rokenbok is having it's first ever Christmas photo contest! Your family could add $500 worth of Rokenbok to your existing sets! All you have to do is have your camera ready Christmas morning.


What kind of photos are we looking for?

Children opening Rokenbok, playing with Rokenbok, and having FUN with Rokenbok this Christmas! 

-Facial Expressions 

-Excitement Factor

-Overall Atmosphere

-Capturing Christmas Morning

-Play Time Well Spent

-Quality of photo (must be high resolution)

Customer Video: Rokenbok Rube Goldberg Machine


A small Rube Goldberg contraption built entirely with Rokenbok. Leave a comment if you'd like to see me take this further. Imagine this but 3 times as big.

Customer Video: Rokenbok Airport


A great video from our friends at K Animation. An incredible life like airport constructed with the Rokenbok system. Watch as the amazing new Rokenbok dual drive power Unit (X2) powers both the elevator and underground transportation system. See the custom made sky bridge link the airport terminal to a "Rok Blocks" airplane.

Customer Video: Rokenbok Bridge over Water

Steve who is an avid Rokenboker, submitted this video. We never recommend that you mix Rokenbok and water but we loved this video! Steve shows us how fun and creative Rokenbok can really be with his 18 foot brige construction.


Rechargeable Batteries for a Green Rokenbok Holiday

With all the Rokenbok toys you are purchasing this Christmas, disposable batteries can not only be expensive but bad for the environment.

Disposable batteries are by far the most expensive way to use energy. Depending on the type, capacity, and cost of the battery, disposable batteries carry a price tag ranging from $400 to over $20,000 per kilowatt-hour. In contrast, the cost for using rechargeable batteries is less than $1.00 per kilowatt-hour.

Rechargable Batteries

Lego Duplo vs. Rokenbok Deluxe ROK Blocks

This holiday season is filled with toy novelties, but experts agree that there is no better toy for young children than blocks.  Wooden Blocks, alphabet blocks, stacking and interlocking, there all great for your child!  Interlocking blocks allow children to make there own toys, like planes, trucks and houses, and then play with them.  For many years DUPLO brand blocks from LEGO have been the interlocking block of choice. . . until ROK Blocks.

Marble Maze vs Tower of ROK Mania

Marble Maze toys are great fun. Youngsters design the paths and then watch as marbles roll through flippers, around and down funnels, across ramparts, spiral ramps, and landing in catch-all hoppers.

Train Sets vs. Rokenbok Monorail Set


Traditional Toy Train Sets

Toy Train sets are fun, but pretty one dimensional; you can control the toy trains speed but it won’t interact with its environment do any fun jobs.  Tracks can be hard to set-up for younger children, let alone adding a trestle, switches, or crossings. 


Rokenbok Cyber Monday, Final Day To Get Free Gift with Purchase

Since you will be browsing the Internet for Cyber Monday deals anyway, we are extending our Black Friday Action Set Sale for one last day on Cyber Monday. Rokenbok knows that you are looking for the best deals for your child’s Christmas. At Rokenbok, not only do you get great deals on the toys your children will play with for years to come, but you also miss all the long lines and crowded toy stores. All orders $99+ receive free shipping in the US.  Shop the last day of this special sale with savings on the following holiday bundles: