Capture the Rok

Brian age 27 & Dani age 18
Madison WI
Legacy Products: 2x Skip tracks, 2x Loaders, Inventors Toolbox, Beams, Elevator

We've created 2-6 Player Capture the Flag style game we called CAPTURE THE ROK! Each teams side consist of a wheel that is flush with the platform that when a vehicle drives on it the pulleys raise the opposing teams gate, allowing the vehicle access to their colored ROK's. Then the goal is to collect the Rok and bring it back to your teams hopper to CAPTURE THE ROK! Special features include: an elevator which players must use to return to the arena if they are knocked off, the wheel spins both ways so the defending team can lower their own gate back down to delay the other team's progress, support for up to 6 players (1 key is in the elevator) We created this as a combination of Kind of the Hill and Capture the Flag.