Homemade Elevator

Homemade Elevator 1
Avery age 10
Corydon IN
Legacy Products: Inventor's Toolbox and RC Monorail with Track and Crossing

Have you ever tried to make your own elevator,but realized that it would probably have to use the rok-lift or a vehichle to power it? My solution to the problem was to build a monorail wheel that the monorail could drive onto and back off of again.I made my own pulley system that has three times the pulling power! If the monorail has to go work in the factory but needs to keep the elevator at a certain height for another vehichle to drive into then you just use the trailer hitch piece and push in the lock. Sometimes when going down without a vehichle in the elevator the monorail would drive off the wheel,sending the elevator plummeting downward.I fixed this by making a second lock so the monorail can not drive off of the wheel until you want it to.