It’s a Roken World

It's A Roken World Overview
Scott Bertaut
Bethesda MD
Legacy Products: Products used:ROK Works Start Set RC Dozer with Recycling Center RC Forklift with Warehouse RC Monorail with Track and Crossing RC Sweeper RC Tower Crane RC Tower Crane Warehouse Construction World II Monorail Storage Depot (2x) Power ROK Lift (2x) Piston Plant Motorized Conveyor Rokenbok Garage Rokenbok Auto Repair Center Chutes III (2x) Monorail Track (2x) Inventors Kit Other Stuff: Countless Beam packs, block packs, Braces and supports packs, and some extra parts a friend (who was giving away his Rokenbok!) gave me. Special thanks to Christine at customer support for getting me some replacement parts for my tower crane; I had lost its hook which was critical for operation of this layout.

Sorry this is so long, it needs to be to describe how epic this display is.


This layout took 3 years to make, construction took only a few months but I spent years building a huge layout, realizing it was all wrong, and tearing it down before I got the design right.  My current layout consists of two main structures on ether side that the vehicles can drive up.  Each tower has its own ramp to get up, transport between the two towers is easy by using the bridge.  Between the two main structures is some open space with various bin boxes, lifts, conveyors, and quarries that the vehicles can interact with.  The whole thing is very complicated, some tasks require the majority of the vehicles in order to accomplish and take half an hour.  I really tried to build around the tower crane, most layouts I’ve seen using the crane only have it perform 1 or 2 tasks.  My layout has the crane perform over 6!  With the crane claw attached it can pick up roks from 3 different quarries.  One mixed quarry and two sorted quarries, one red, one blue.  The sorted quarries can only be accessed by the crane.  After it gets its load it can dump in a vehicle or in a central tray that can make it go to 4 different places!  Hoper tilted one way it goes to a conveyor belt and to the mixed quarry or sorting bin boxes.  The conveyor is also accessible by the monorail and other vehicles.  Hoper tilted the other way it can go to the sorted quarries or more sorting bin boxes. – This way is also accessible by the other vehicles, but only the sweeper is allowed to use it, the other vehicles can’t dump slowly enough so the sorters jam up.  The crane is also used with the hook (thanks Christine!) to transport bins loaded onto trays down from the elevated warehouse.  The warehouse is built on top of a massive auto repair complex.  These bins of roks and barrels can then be loaded onto a Rok Lift which dumps them in the elevated recycling center.  This takes us to the left side of the layout.  The bulldozer now pushes the roks and barrels over the grate, the roks fall through and into the piston plant, the barrels fall off the end and are later picked up by the loader, dumped into the monorail, then brought back up to the warehouse and dumped into the storage bins.  The monorail refills the rok bins too.  The monorail track design is very practical, instead of a continuous loop; I saved space by pitting a switch at each end, after going around a 180 degree turn, the train goes back through the switch and fallows the same track all the way back down!  Back to the left tower:  On the second floor there is a quarry and the recycling center.  If you go up the ramps you come to the bridge leading to the elevated warehouse.  Also at this level there is the sweeper only dump station I talked about earlier.  Go up one more level and you are at a conveyor belt.  This conveyor belt refills the quarry 2 floors below (we are on the 4th floor) it is also accessible by the monorail.  Make the hoper go the other way and you it dumps into the water tower.  The water tower’s dispenser is assessable by the train and other vehicles too!  Turning the lid can make the roks go into sorting bin boxes for the monorail train.  That is almost everything in the setup, only one more thing.


The Portable Display!


The portable display was a concept design I came up many years ago.  The idea was to have a transportable Rokenbok setup for two players that could be taken anywhere!  Originally I tried to make it a big rolling suitcase, but it was really bulky, all the deck plates it required had to be carried separate, the wheels always came off…  You get the general idea, more recently I rebuilt it into I setup that was carried by a reinforced handle.  It is designed to be used with the loader and forklift.  It has one quarry, the Rok lift, with dumper tray, the entire warehouse that came with the forklift and two other sorting bins on the side which roks can be sent to instead of the dumper tray.  It also has a pair of offices above it.  Basically the loader dumps roks into the lift, which makes them get sorted into the 2 side bins.  The bins can be switched with empty ones from the storage racks.  The Forklift can take loaded bins and place them in the lift to dump into the dump tray which, when full, dumps into the quarry again.  The command center mounts on top, right under the reinforced handle.  To transport, you load all the roks, the barrels, and the keys into the quarry and close it.  The bins, loader, forklift, and 2 remotes all fit in the upper offices.  Then just pick the thing up by the handle and take it where ever!  The whole thing is only 2.5 by 2.5 bays long and wide, and it ways about 10 pounds, pretty good for the amount of stuff it has.  When not on the road, it fits right onto the front of my big layout.


The Future:

I don't have to many plans for expanding my layout, I'm at maximum capacity spacewise already.  I am thinking of switching over to the Rokstar system soon and leaving my old control base always attached to my portable layout.  I also want to switch out those roken-roadways ramps for ones made out of deck plates with gardrails or, if I can find them, Rokenboks old ramp system.  The roken-roadways is very good for younger kids because you can't fall off, but for us older builders I find it's a little limiting.