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Nick Manna (Rokenbok45)
Laurel MD
Legacy Products: Action Factory Start Set, RC Loader, Conveyor Company Start Set, Monorail Metropolis Start Set, Walls, ROKs, Curve beam pack x2, RC Fire and Rescue, RC Emergency Speedster, RC Transgripper and Trailer, RC Skip Track x2, RC Dozer with Recycling center, Night Shift Trailer, Motorized Conveyor x2,Bridges and Roadways, Construction World I, Piston Plant, Auto Center, RC Elevator, RC Monorail with Track and Crossing, ROK Works Start Set, RC Crane with Warehouse, RC Forklift with Warehouse, Monorail Station. Basically, everything rokenbok has ever manufactured.. :)

I built this build last August, with ideas to build something on a much smaller scale, smaller than my Project MINI build from April. I decided to build up and around instead of left to right. This build features dual monorails with two tracks which circle around the many Rok'N Roadways pathways, while the wheeled vehicles are working on loading up the the suspended warehouse. The monorail track actually goes underneath the entire factory, and comes back out underneath the suspended Rok'n Roadways bridge. I built this alone over a period of one week, and filmed this entire video in one night, which was the night before I went to Ocean City, MD, around 1:00am.The entire purpouse of this build was to take a huge factory, like my Monorail Megatropolis, and turn it into a compact, small build which still has all of the functionalities of the regular factory. This build also features an elevator carrying the monorail up 3 bays (Beams) towards the factory. I am Rokenbok45 on Youtube, and this video is the most viewed Rokenbok video on there! Thanks for watching the video! Please subscribe if you have a Youtube channel, and like and favorite! :)