Rokette's Image
Lucas (8), Kaleb (6), Liesl (4), Papa (58)
Lake Mary FL
Legacy Products: Action Sorter & Conveyor, Inventor's Toolkit, Tower of ROK Mania, ROK'n Roadways, King of ROK Competition Arena, ROK Garage, Tower & Track, Monorail Track, Rail Station, Power Chutes Start Sets, Defender Duel Start Set, Tower Crane, numerous accessories

We love Rokenbok! It�s our #1 activity whenever the grandchildren spend the night. We love the endless possibilities for building as evidenced in our latest creation called �Retro-Cycle,� a grand new recycling plant patterned after the art-deco designs of a by-gone year. Lucas (8 years old) is our Master Builder and Structural Engineer. He conceives every project, fashions building plans and ensures every build is safe, strong and structurally sound. He also serves as our top Design Engineer creating clever solutions to difficult problems. For example, during our build of Retro-Cycle, Lucas came up with a brilliant design for a turntable that enabled our monorail to reverse course. It was simple, efficient, and effective. Kaleb (6 years old) is our Master Builder-in-training. His main contribution to our projects is to determine the playability of our designs. He instinctively understands whether a structure (regardless of how simple or grand) when played with will or will not be fun. He often helps us redesign our buildings to make them more accessible to RC cars and Rokenbok workers. In building Retro-Cycle, Kaleb was responsible for placing all the cars, workers, equipment, signs, balls and positioning the RC Tower and Power Controls so they would work without interference. Liesl (4 years old) is our Top Finder. She searches the Rokenbok bins for specialty parts when needed. She also serves as our hostess serving drinks and snacks during marathon builds. Papa (58 years old) is our Architect. He specializes in adding the flare or flourish to our building designs. He particularly likes curves and circles and often decorates our structures with unique configurations. You can see his signature designs atop Retro-Cycle.