Kirk age 6 and Dad age 36
Rochester NY
Legacy Products: Inventor's Kit, Roadways, Chutes III, and various other kits and parts.

Having seen the Rok Arena, we wanted to build a similar stadium for Rok competitions. This started as a standard platform and we soon expanded to add 3 elevated platforms where teams start. This is set up for 3 teams (White, Yellow, and Green).

After some intense battles, we decided we wanted to add a new angle to the game. On top of the elevated platforms we created a balanced flag system. Drop enough balls into your bucket and your team's flag will raise, signaling a winner and the end of the game.

A final challenge was added as a way to keep many balls in play and as a dangerous center zone where vehicles can get stuck or overturned - we built a "mosh pit" in the middle of the platform.

So how is the game played?

The game starts with the base unit off. We load a ton of balls in the conveyor and set each team's trucks on their respective ramps. Power on the controller and the mosh pit starts to fill up. The object is to fill your teams bucket with balls and tip up your "flag" first. While you're doing this the other teams are trying to do the same and are trying to knock you off the platform. Should you get knocked off, there is an elevator for a quick return.

We love to build new creations - this one has been our favorite to play with!