Rok 'n Roller Coaster

Michael and Kyle both 14
Cincinnati OH
Legacy Products: Rok Works Start Set, RC Monorail with TRACK & CROSSING RC Dozer and Recycling Center, RC TransGripper & Trailer, RC Fire & Rescue, RC Police Defender, RC Skip Track, RC Forklift with WAREHOUSE, RC Power Sweeper, Inventor's Tool Box, Construction World II, ROK'n Roadways x2, Rail Station, ROK Garage, Monorail Track, Inventor's Kit, RC Elevator, Power ROK-Lift, ROK�n Roadways Vehicle Guides.

The Rok'n Roller Coaster starts out at an amusement park-inspired queue line, where the customers pass through a revolving door to enter the coaster. The coaster then begins to climb the first hill and turns past a four way crossing. Next, it goes up even higher and makes two left turns. The train then reaches the best part of the ride... THE DROP! It goes down a curved beam and falls straight down. At the bottom is another curved beam to get the train ready for the next hill. We spent a LONG time working on the drops to make them perfect and it paid off. After the first hill the train turns left onto the 4-way intersection again. After traveling a little longer it reaches another 90 degree drop hill, a little shorter than the previous one. After that drop it continues on back to the station to pick up more guests for the ride of their life!