Rokenbok Ethonal Plant

Benjamin, Age 11 and Christopher, Age 13
Calgary AB
Legacy Products: Pump Station Start Set, Rok Works Start Set, Transgripper & Trailer, Rc Dozer with Recycling center, Rc fire and rescue, Blue Beams, Red Blocks, Chutes III, Rok en Roadways, Rc Forklift with warehouse, construction world II, Rok lift, Monorail, Inventers kit, Action Sorter and conveyor, and Rc Crane. I'm sure there's more but I can't think of it.

So in the green house where the crops are grown the dozer pushes the blue roks (wheat) along with barrels (fertilizer) and are sorted. Then the loader comes and picks up the wheat and deposits it into a bin where the forklift puts into the whare house for storage. The sweeper picks up the red roks (canola) in the other half of the greenhouse and also deposits it for the forklift to put in the warehouse. Then the boxes are un loaded into the lift which brings the crops up and deposits it in a bin box for the monorail to dump in the crane's bucket which dumps into the conveyor. The conveyors bring the crops up and dump them into the furnace which heats up the crops and converts it into a useable state used to power cars. The furnace then deposits the ethonal into a quarrie which holds the ethonal until it is ready to be sent out ( dumped back into the green house)