Rokenbok Monorail Megatropolis

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Charlie, Age 14
Baltimore MD
Legacy Products: Every set Rokenbok has ever made. I have too many parts to count, so I will just list vehicles: Monorail 4X Elevator 1X X2 1X Crane 2X Skip Track 2X Sweeper 2X Speedster 1X Loader 2X Dozer 3X Transgripper 1X Forklift 2X Police Defender 1X Fire and Rescue 2X Dump truck 1X

I have been building Rokenbok for almost 10 years now. On the forums, I started an unofficial challenge, and with the help of other forum members got the challenge going. The challenge is "Monorail Megatropolis". The requirements are the build has to have a way for the monorail to sort ROKs, there has to be a monorail trailer, there has to be a monorail bridge spanning at least 2 bays long unsupported, and the build has to be centered around the monorail. I figured I would try to make it hard for the other contestants and encourage them to build better, so I have really worked hard on this build. This is my second version of my Megatropolis. It takes up my whole Rokenbok room. It is a work in progress; I work a little bit on it every day. I will post more photos as the build progresses. Enjoy!


If you recieve the newsletter, this was the "Rokenbokers gone wild" challenge Mr. Rokenbok was talking about. If you would like to participate, check it out on the forums! On the top of this page, click "Community" then "Rokenboker's Forum" It is listed as "The "unofficial" building challenge" If you want to see higher quality photos, go to page 35. I would love to see more people participate.