Rokenbok Multi-PLEX

Camden & Michael (Dad), ages 6 & 31
North Canton OH
Legacy Products: ROK Works Starter Set, RC Elevator (x2), Tower of Rok Mania (x2), ROK�n Roadways (x4), Chutes III (x4), Construction World II (x2), Power RokLift (x2), Inventors Toolbox (x3), Defender Duel 2 Player Set, Action Sorter & Conveyor, Motorized Conveyor (x3), ROK Garage (x2), Rail Station, Monorail Track (x2), Monorail Switch, Monorail Crossing (x2), Black Beams (x2), Red Blocks, Monorail Train, RC Tower Crane, RC Forklift with Warehouse, RC Fire & Rescue, RC Skip Track, RC Power Sweeper, RC Loader (x2), Walls, Windows & Doors (x2)

The Rokenbok Multiplex is a multi-use facility consisting of over 30 different rok chute system configurations, a 10 story (rokenbok story = 1 large beam high) chute with 15 optional directions of travel. All quarreys, three to be exact can be replenished from this masive chute configuration. Random dispensing hoppers can carry roks into various other locations including a train depot with four cargo containers that are train accessible, or rok conveyors to sort or transport the roks. Transportation is provided by a roadway element system accessible from level 1, 2,3,4,5 and level 6. It is configured for minimum space requirements and contains an RC elevator in the middle. All areas of the Multiplex can be reached from this brillant road and elevator system. We started building with Rokenbok last Christmas with just the Starter set. As you can tell we are slightly obsessed.