Anthony 10 / Dad 50
Weymouth MA
Legacy Products: Lift & load Rail Tower, Monorail Start Set, Pump Station Start Set, Auto Center, 2 Monorail Track Sets, 3 Service Centers, Action Factory Set, 3 Roadway Sets, Rail Station, 2 Garages, Power Lift, Piston Plant Set, Recycling Center, Bridges & Roadways, Forklift Warehouse, RC Elevator, RC Monorail, RC Power Sweeper, RC Skip Track, RC Speedster, RC Forklift, 3 RC Loaders, RC Dozer, RC Transgripper & Trailer, Extra's Remotes, Shute�s, Decks, S Beams, Blue, Gray, and Black Beams, Red & Blue Blocks, Risers, Curved Beams, Braces & Supports, Conveyor's, Vehicle Lift, Walls, Ramps & Decks, 2 Monorail Switch Tracks, Monorail Crossing, Roof, Sidewalks, and Buildings

Anthony and I love building and playing with Rokenbok. Our plan was to rubber mat out a 4' x 10' area to build on so the RC Vehicle's would run on a flat surface. We also wanted as much floor space as we could get, so we added different levels and ramps. Our Rokenland took 2 weeks of nights to complete and we loved every minute of it.