Front View
Grant, age 13
Roanoke VA
Legacy Products: Original Rok Works Start Set (x4), Monorail Start Set, Control Pad (x4), RC Tower Cerane, RC Power Sweeper (x2), RC Skip Track, Rokenbok Balls, Construction World, Construction World II, RC Forklift w/ Warehouse, RC Monorail w/ Track & Crossing, RC Dozer w/ Recycling Center, Power Rok-Lift (x2), RC Elevator, RC Fire & Rescue, Vehicle Keys, Rok'n Roadways Vehicle Guides (x2), Port Expander, Chutes III, Monorail Crossing, Monorail 4-way Cross Track (x2), Monorail Storage Depot, RC TransGripper & Trailer, Inventor's Kit, & Monorail Track.

This is by far the biggest layout I've done yet.  It is six bays tall, 11 bays wide, and 4 1/2 bays deep.  On the first/ground floor of the main building, there are two quarries, a garage, a push-bin, an entrance to the elevator, and some ramps going up to the second story.  On the ground floor of the rest of the layout, there is the Rok-lift plaza (a Rok-lift, quarry, and push-bin) and another garage/service station under the command deck tower.  On front of the second floor, there is the main loading deck area with a double laddering conveyor system that leads to the main water tower (which currently has four chute directions), as well as some Rok'n Roadways that lead to a small bin storage area and a vehicle-to-monorail loading station.  The Fire Station is also in this area.  On the back of the second floor is the Recycling Center, which has the Rok-sorting grid deck dumping into a quarry below.  The Monorail also encircles the main building on this level, with two push-bins in the back and a crane unloading station.  There are also two conveyors that the Monorail can dump into, the first dumping into a hopper that leads two ways, both eventually going under or above the track and into the Rok-lift tipple or its quarry.  The second one leads to the secondary water tower, which fills up the push-bin in the Rok-lift plaza.  The third floor is just two garages with Rok'n Roadways leading to each; however the Sweeper and the Fire & Rescue (w/ claw on) cannot acces these spaces because they run into the vital beams that support the infrastructure of the building (I took out a few for easier access).  The fourth floor, the highest vehicle-accessible floor, is the warehouse, with a total of 10 racks for bin/ pallet storage.  There is also a hopper near the elevator entrance for vehicle dumping.  On the other side of the elevator shaft there is the first payroll office, with another right above it on the fifth floor.  On the very top of the tower is the Crane, of course, which can access pretty much all of the main building.