Scorpion with robotic tail and can lift and lower a rok bin.
JIm C.
SoCal CA

My young son loves the Robot Destroy story. He often requests more Rokenbok Go Team stories, so occasionally I make a robot that inspires a story.


Larry and Barry built a giant robotic scorpion because they thought their pet scorpion was beast. Barry thought it would be really neat to program the robot to act like a real scorpion. Immediately the giant scorpion headed for town to find eggs. Larry and Barry panicked and ran to their mother. She called the Rokenbok Go Team. The Team subdued the giant scorpion with a net and lead it to the rok ball mine. The scorpion happily collected rok balls at the mine. It could push the balls around with it's pincers, pickup balls with it's tail like a robotic arm, and pick up rock bins with its mandibles. The Rokenbok Go Team rescued the town and the giant scorpion; then everything was fine.