A Tale of Two Tables

Alex (age 10), Aaron (age 13) & Mom
Huntsville AL
Legacy Products: Inventor's Toolbox, Tower Crane, Elevator, Tower of ROK Mania, Piston Plant, Vehicle Lift, Construction World, Action Sorter & Conveyor, ROK Garage, Monorail, Forklift & Warehouse, Recycling Center, RC Power Sweeper, RC Loader, RC Dozer, RC Emergency Speedster, RC Transgripper & Trailer, RC Police Defender, Night Shift Trailer

Our Rokenbok layout began on the Play Table shown on the right, but quickly spread to the Lionel O-gauge train table on the left. The train table has an outer track that transports balls and vehicles while the inner track circles the warehouse so trucks can load the train. Behind the warehouse, there is a 4-story building containing the Vehicle Lift, ROK Garage, and RC Elevator. Next to that, Construction World offers another way for vehicles to move between tables. Across the back, we modified the Inventor's Toolbox so that a string connected to the Elevator would operate the lift to transport vehicles across from one table to the other.

On the Play Table, the Tower of ROK Mania has two chutes dumping into the Piston Plant. On top of the Tower of ROK Mania, we built our version of the King of ROK Competition Arena. Behind this structure, there is a slide for vehicles to reach the bottom quickly. Aaron spelled ROKENBOK across the top of the entire layout. The letters were so heavy that he had to anchor them to the ceiling with fishing line. We had a lot of fun building this layout and it is a constant work in progress because we keep coming up with even better ideas!