Tri Rok

David and Ben, (Both age 14)
Huntingdon Valley PA
Legacy Products: Mostly every product Rokenbok has to offer

This creation was built from the middle of 2007 - the beginning of 2008. The reason this build is called Tri Rock is because it is built on top of 3 different tables, all at a different height. There is one long drive you can take that goes to each table, but it is only to be driven by professional Rokenbokers only. Every chute system in this creation leads to the 3 conveyors where the ROKs will be recycled and processed continuously. We ran out of room on the tables, so we made a path containing many ramps down to the ground. Down on the ground is the mine, where the monorail dumps ROKs into a continuous sorting chute system. Building on top of these tables with limited space was a challenge, but the result was awesome!