World of Roks

Ian age 11 & Aaron age 9
Whittier CA
Legacy Products: Tower & Track, RC Dozer & Recycling Center, Power Rok-Lift, Action Factory Start Set, Conveyor Company Start Set, RC Monorail, Inventor's Kit, miscellaneous parts

It has a four-walled office, it has a 2-story railroad track, 3 parking garages, a water tower and roads that lead to the tower. We built some of the roadway using platforms meant for walking, which gave us enough roads to reach the tower. You have to use the RC Lift to bring the balls to the top. Once sorted, they either recycle back into the Rok-Lift, they go into storage (underneath the water tower) or they get dumped into a truck that restarts the process. In addition, the train carries more balls around and delivers them to the trucks.