X2-Shuttle in Cranetown

The build
Rider1999 and family
Rochester NY

The X2 Shuttle in Cranetown started as a build focused on our crane and monorail train that closed off an area around our new Rokenbok Rug.  Very soon thereafter the X2 made an upside down appearance as a gantry shuttle.

We found we could load the X2 with roks from the crane on one end, but needed a way to unload the roks.  After much trial and error (and a visit to the car wash) we came up with a way to drive the X2 under a set of hinged arms that only move in one direction - drive in with a load of roks then pull back out.  The arms swing down and clear the X2 of its cargo.

Often time we find ourselves tearing down a build shortly after we have finished it - not with this one.  This stayed up in the living room (errr, now called "the rokenbok room") for several weeks and has been one of our most enjoyed builds.

Here's a link to the video (and we'll be uploading it to the video section of the site)