Learning Benefits

Studies and observations conducted by our research partners found that Rokenbok construction toys support learning by being easy to use, but always holding the potential for great complexity

Preschool Benefits
Sam plays with his Get ROK'n Young Builder Complete Action Set

Preschool Benefits

As they play and build Rokenbok, preschoolers develop habits identified by teachers as the most important skills for academic success:

  • Persistence in working through challenges
  • Attentiveness to a task with multiple steps
  • Confidence in their ability to solve a problem
  • Fluency in describing the material world
  • Understanding that text and pictures carry information
Rokenbok Construction Learning Toys
Primary Grades
Connor builds Walle, from the Pixar Movie

Primary Grades

Children in elementary school are beginning their academic careers. Rokenbok play builds scientific thinking skills. Rokenbok elementary school engineers:

  • Demonstrate geometric concepts involving points, lines, planes, and space
  • Seek answers to questions through active exploration
  • Work with new information to solve problems
  • Analyze and evaluate information
  • Sort and classify objects by a variety of properties
Middle School and Beyond
Advanced builders create replicas of famous landmarks

Middle School and Beyond

Rokenbok building materials always hold the potential for more. Your child's desire to create will always be challenged by the system's careful and thoughtful design.

  • Applying engineering & design concepts
  • Ability to problem solve and think critically
  • Introduces geometry and physics concepts
  • Analyze and evaluate information
Playtime Well Spent
Playtime well spent.

Playtime Well Spent

Build alongside your child
Have fun with your time! Nothing inspires more than enthusiasm. By modeling persistence and attentiveness you will foster it in your child.

Tell stories
Ask open ended questions like, What are you building? What will you build next? How did you put it together? Lively conversation about your Rokenbok world will build vocabulary skills and spatial relation awareness.

Allow for discovery
Don't give away the design solutions as you build together. Allow your child to construct knowledge of the material world through building experiences. Ask questions about observations. Critical thinking and decision making skills are developed through practice.