"ROK Works may be the best way to start your Rokenbok world. It has everything you need to build a vibrant, interactive construction site."

Educational toys from Rokenbok - 24/7 Moms product review image

"Once the fun of assembling the plant is done (which some would say IS the fun) it’s time to go to work controlling the loader with the remote controller; sending it to pick up the red and blue “ROKS” and then dumping them into the automatic conveyor system that lifts the rocks up into a tube and then magically sorts the ROKS into blue and red bins so the fun can start again."

Educational toys from Rokenbok - product review image

"From a mom’s perspective, I think that the idea of a child being able to make many different things from the same set of blocks allows them to think “critically”. Critical thinking is one characteristic that I feel is lacking in our children nowadays and it is very important that a child be able to think through situations in order to come up with the best result."

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The Fab Four video shows how to make the ROK Works Processing Plant with four fabulous Rokenbok products: the ROK Works Construction & Action Set, Remote Control Monorail with Power Dump Bed, Remote Control Forklift with Warehouse, and Power ROK Lift.  These four Rokenbok superstars are easily combined to make a factory and warehouse, complete with it's own railyard!  And this combination gives you five ROK Star machines to control and create fun interactions.  You can find the plans for the ROK Works Processing Plant in the Building Plans library section

The Fab Four

"Rokenbok are the kind of toys that make me jealous of my kids. Why didn’t they have toys like this when I was a kid?  That causes a pure adrenaline rush for me.  I didn’t know until I went to investigate that they have these dudes for all ages..Preschool Blocks ages 3+, Preschool RC Ages 3+, Full Featured Ages 6+ and for the more mature people like myself, they have Advanced Ages 9+."

Educational toys from Rokenbok - product review image

"When I first read the phrase “LEGOs on Steroids”, I kind of snorted. I mean, really, I live in a house full of people building and destroying on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s taking out cabinets, sometimes it leveling up doors, sometimes ….well there’s toys to be taken apart so they can put them back together and DVR’s and such that need to the same attention by an adult (*ahem* not me by the way).  But, look at this bad boy…."

Educational toys from Rokenbok - product review image

Jump on-board the remote control Dump Truck and tag along for an up close tour of the wonderful World of Rokenbok!


ROK’n Roadways building pieces are self supporting and designed to use the fewest pieces possible in constructing mighty bridges and roadways.  There is no limit to the ways you can invent your own highways, causeways, or suspension bridges.  ROK’n Roadways help guide your Rokenbok RC vehicles through tight curves or a twisting tunnel.

ROK'n Roadways in Action

Who knew you could build a Gothic cathedral or a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece with Rokenbok? That's just what expert Rokenboker Jon Ghidoni did to win our 2009 Architectural Building Challenge.  You can see Jon's builds from that contest in the Our Favorite Builds gallery. We asked Jon if he would create a building set that would make it easy for everyone to create architecturally interesting buildings, and that's how the Architect's Dream building set was born.

Architect's Dream

This super cool video is a collage of scenes from the 2009 Rokenbok Monorail Magic Video Building Challenge.  All of these railway builds, and the videos of them, came from Rokenbokers just like you!

Monorail Magic Video Challenge