Jump on-board the remote control Dump Truck and tag along for an up close tour of the wonderful World of Rokenbok!


ROK’n Roadways building pieces are self supporting and designed to use the fewest pieces possible in constructing mighty bridges and roadways.  There is no limit to the ways you can invent your own highways, causeways, or suspension bridges.  ROK’n Roadways help guide your Rokenbok RC vehicles through tight curves or a twisting tunnel.

ROK'n Roadways in Action

Who knew you could build a Gothic cathedral or a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece with Rokenbok? That's just what expert Rokenboker Jon Ghidoni did to win our 2009 Architectural Building Challenge.  You can see Jon's builds from that contest in the Our Favorite Builds gallery. We asked Jon if he would create a building set that would make it easy for everyone to create architecturally interesting buildings, and that's how the Architect's Dream building set was born.

Architect's Dream

This super cool video is a collage of scenes from the 2009 Rokenbok Monorail Magic Video Building Challenge.  All of these railway builds, and the videos of them, came from Rokenbokers just like you!

Monorail Magic Video Challenge

Have you heard about Rokenbok's Building Challenges?  They are contests you can participate in, and you can find them in the Rokenbok Forum.  Rokenbokers compete to build the best buildings, railways, ROK Blocks models and more!  In this video, Mr. Rokenbok talks about an Architectural Building Challenge from 2009.

Entries from the Architectural Building Challenge

Because everything in the Rokenbok system is designed to work together, you can combine sets to make bigger and better buildings.  Mr. Rokenbok explains 'Scalability.'

Mr. Rokenbok on Scalability

ROK Glue?  Mr. Rokenbok explains how we made Rokenbok easy to build, but strong too, so that you can make real working buildings. roadways, and railways.

Mr. Rokenbok on ROK Glue

We asked four Rokenbok families from around the country to volunteer to participate in this video.  Their task was to answer the question, "What is Rokenbok?"  Two California families, the Sterlings and the Thwaits, were recorded by Noah Eichen, while the Ghidonis and the Blacks did their own camera work.

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