Monorail Action Accessories

Monorail Action Accessories
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Learning Benefits
  • Introduces Engineering and Design Concepts
  • Analyze and Evaluate Information
  • Promotes STEAM Affinity

This machine was designed with the input from some of our most advanced Rokenbok builders on the Rokenbok Forum.  The result is a power unit that can make just about anything!

X2 Dual Drive Power Unit

We wanted to make it easy for Rokenbokers to try our new ROK Star Control technology.  What better way then to get a ROK Star Controller free with our most popular Rokenbok machine?

Power Sweeper Value Pack

The Power ROK-Lift is a vertical

Power ROK-Lift

It may look like a rugged, east-to-use, preschool toy, because it is!  But, the Rokenbok Monorail with Power Dump Bed can be so much more.  To get the full picture, watch this video and then have a look at the Monorail Magic Challenge video.

Monorail with Power Dump Bed

Designed in 1996, this is the very first Rokenbok vehicle.  The goal was to create an all purpose construction truck that could both load and dump.  Even if this is your only Rokenbok machine, there are so many things that you can do!


Get ROK'n may be for younger Rokenbokers, but it's a full action set complete with ROK Star control and ROK Blocks.  This could be the start of a something big!

Best Start for Younger Builders

Our Forklift may be a toy, but it works just like the real thing.  Pick-n-place pallets, crates, beams, and bin boxes.  This set includes the rack, pallets and all the building pieces you need to make a working warehouse.


It loads and dumps from the front!  Check out the Remote Control Dump Truck.

Dump Truck