ROK Blocks in Action

Another Day at the Farm!

Our Skip Track gets up before the sun to load all the ROKs from his Silo into the fleet of Rokenbok vehicles that have showed up to help. The remote control driving lasts from sun up to sun down! But at the end of the day we have to build a little trailer to carry the last shipment of balls to the factory.

Week 9 -Skip Track

Expand your Adventure!

Week 8 - Power ROK-Lift

Back from Extinction!

Could it possibly be true? There's been a Deluxe ROK Block dino sighting!

Week 7 - Dinosaur

It may be a toy forklift, but it’s a real workhorse

Week 6 - Forklift

Bridge Builders adds a dynamic twist to your adventure.

There is no limit to the ways you can invent your own highways, causeways, or suspension bridges.  Bridge Builders guide your Rokenbok RC vehicles through tight curves and twisting tunnels. Add standard Rokenbok beams and blocks to make a road & railway bridge, or add inventor’s series hinges and pulleys to make a draw or lift bridge toy. Bridge Builder is a scalable, modular building system toy.  Each kit you add increases the toy building set possibilities and the fun!

Week 5 - Bridge Builder

Excitement Mounts at the Barrel Sort!

Our Dozer is rugged, tough, and serious about recycling. In this awesome Builder's Club we watch the Dozer show off its many tricks like stacking beams, driving up steep slopes, and of course pushing!

Week 4 - Dozer

 In this Builder's Club watch an angry robot who rolls into town and has no idea how unhappy he makes the community by destroying their wall. But, there may still be hope yet! Enjoy.

Week 3 - Robot

In this exciting episode of the Builder's Club, see how awesome our full functioning garage works in the world of Rokenbok. Flat tires, oil changes, broken transmission? They've got it under control. 

Our Builder's Club videos are designed to spark your family's imagination, entertain, and inspire new awesome builds! Short, snappy, and fun these videos are perfect to watch with your kids.

Week 2 - ROK Garage

In this thrilling Builder's Club launch our ROK workers don't shy away from a challenge! These hard working little builders set their eyes on space. Watch them build a ROK Block spaceship and use their engineering skills to blast off on an epic adventure. Make sure you join us every week to watch our workers tackle a new building challenge.

Our Builder's Club video