Monorail Mania
T-Rex News Story

ROAR! Unleash your imagination and travel back in time when dinosaurers walked the earth.The Mega-saurus Jumbo Set is a must have for every dinosaurer loving child. You and your child can explore the world of dinosaurs by building two of historys most famous dinosaurs. Start off with building the peaceful Triceratops with his bony frill, three facial horns, wagging tail and hoofed feet.

Travel Back into Time

QUICK! Someone's about to fall! Send out the cherry picker! We need a Rokenbok resucue! Using the specially designed hinge blocks the lift arms can extend up and out at different angles and begin to teach young kids about the power of simple machines.  Stage your own rescue and when you’re done rebuild everything as a flatbed tow truck and have a whole new adventure. The tow truck even comes with two small vehicles that can roll up and down the tow truck ramp and be pulled around.

This set is a sure hit for all the little Tow Truck drivers in your family.

Loading & Towing Fun
All Aboard and full steam ahead!