Designed in 1996, this is the very first Rokenbok vehicle.  The goal was to create an all purpose construction truck that could both load and dump.  Even if this is your only Rokenbok machine, there are so many things that you can do!


Get ROK'n may be for younger Rokenbokers, but it's a full action set complete with ROK Star control and ROK Blocks.  This could be the start of a something big!

Best Start for Younger Builders

Our Forklift may be a toy, but it works just like the real thing.  Pick-n-place pallets, crates, beams, and bin boxes.  This set includes the rack, pallets and all the building pieces you need to make a working warehouse.


It loads and dumps from the front!  Check out the Remote Control Dump Truck.

Dump Truck

What is Rokenbok?  ** FULL VERSION **

What is Rokenbok? ** FULL VERSION **

We have a hard time getting Mr. Rokenbok to stop playing with these blocks!  He has both a three and a four-year-old child at home, and this is their favorite toy to play with together.  This video explains how ROK Blocks are different from other preschool blocks.

Our Best Building ROK Blocks

ROK Star is Rokenbok's second generation multi-player, multi-vehicle remote control technology.  This video explains why ROK Star is at the heart of Rokenbok interactive play.


ROK Star

ROK Works is the most popular way of starting a Rokenbok World.  It's fun and challenging to build to the included plans, and there is a lot to do once everything is up and running.  We made it easy to add to this set; the ROK Lift, Forklift, and Monorail just snap right in.  The ROK Star Controller that comes with ROK Works will control any Rokenbok machine, too.  Designed to be a home base, this

Most Popular Start Set

This video stars our all-in-one action sets.  Get ROK'n is for younger builders and ROK Works is our most popular way to start a Rokenbok World.  Of course, the Tower of ROK Mania has an important supporting role, too.  This is the only video that deviated from using 100% standard Rokenbok in the set.  We added a little modeling clay to keep the Rokenbokers upright during the dancing trucks scene!

Factory Adventure

We wanted to show the capabilities of the Monorail system in a fairly straight-forward and open layout.  We hope you'll notice the gorgeous trestle we designed at the back of the set; we used angle blocks to create the X style bracing.  The Monorail Depot is master builder Jon Ghidoni's (BigKid on the Forum) design from the new Architect's Dream building set.  In the scene where the Sweeper follows the Dump Truck through the Rail Crossing, we used a single ROK Star Contro

Railyard Adventure