Rokenbok Corporate headquarters was submitted by Hampton from Huntsville, Alabama. 

Rokenbok HQ

This customer video was submitted by Steve who is an avid Rokenboker. We never recommend that you mix Rokenbok and water but we loved this video! Steve shows us how fun and creative Rokenbok can really be with his 18 foot brige construction.

18 Foot Bridge Over Water

This customer video was submitted by Justin who has completed a slue of impressive and equally awesome amusement park rides. He may have outdone himself this time however.

Dive Bomber Ride

This customer video was submitted by Charlie. Here he shows off his ROK Blocks guitar which he modeled off a Fender Stratocaster and which turns out to be a very close replica. He's using a combination of ROK Blocks and regular Rokenbok building pieces to create this masterpiece! We love his creativity and style. Enjoy!

Rokenbok Guitar

The new ROK Star Skip Track is a rugged front loader, with a high reach bucket and special 'Bump & Dump' action for fast loading and unloading of payloads.

Skip Track & Storage Silo

In the second episode of the Go Team the whole town is looking forward to the release of two new Rokenbok vehicles. The news helicopter is on the way and the Mayor wants everything to be perfect. The troublesome twins, Barry and Larry, have other plans though and when they attempt to sneak a peak early everything goes terribly wrong. It's time to call the Go Team!

Go Team ROK Slide

Introducing the newest machine in the ROK Star fleet, the Remote Control Dozer. This rugged ROK Star machine is ready for action and isn't afraid to push its weight around!  It comes with the Rokenbok Recycling Center.

Dozer with Recycling Center

This action packed adventure is the first of a series of Go Team adventures which feature a group of dedicated Rokenbokers, The Go Team, who use their ingenuity and Rokenbok prowess to solve the town's problems. Most of those problems are caused by rambunctious twin brothers Larry and Barry who mean well but have a tendency to get into trouble. In this episode they attempt to build a robot to clean their room for them in attempts to get to the carnival faster. What they quickly discover is that things don't always go as planned.

Go Team Robot Invasion
Small Curved Beams and Curved Windows
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This Rokenbok inspired Thriller video will put you right into the spooky Halloween state of mind without the calories of your sugary chocolate indulgence. This one of a kind spooky Thriller aventure features a fleet of Rokenbok rc vehicles shot all live action with only two rc controllers.

Rokenbok Thriller