Why is the Power Sweeper Our
Most Popular Vehicle?
1. Kids can emulate real life sweepers.
2. It can spit out balls and raise up and dump them from the back.
3. Comes with a Free ROK Star Controller!

Week 16 - Power Sweeper
Week 15 - Remote Control Drawbridge
Tower of ROK Mania In Action

It's Time to Build!
The Rokenbok crew is ready to build big.

Week 13 - Tower of ROK Mania

Sorting Action at its Best!

Our crew builds an Action Sorter & Conveyor.

Week 14 - Action Sorter & Conveyor
Construction World In Action

It's Time to Build!

The Rokenbok crew is ready to build big.

We're on a busy schedule today and we have a lot of building that needs to happen to comeplete this mega construction world.

Week 12 - Construction World

All Abord!

Our Rokenbok crew is ready for some pumpkins but the delivery hasn't made it from the Pumpkin factory yet. The crew springs into action to bring the pumpkins from the pumpkin patch to the warehouse and finally to our state of the art Monorail Station for final delivery.

Monorail Station

ROK Star Skip Track

Remote Control Skip Track in Action

All Aboard!

The station house is hustling and bustling today

This train has no time to spare!

Week 10 - Train