Construction World In Action

It's Time to Build!

The Rokenbok crew is ready to build big.

We're on a busy schedule today and we have a lot of building that needs to happen to comeplete this mega construction world.

Week 12 - Construction World

All Abord!

Our Rokenbok crew is ready for some pumpkins but the delivery hasn't made it from the Pumpkin factory yet. The crew springs into action to bring the pumpkins from the pumpkin patch to the warehouse and finally to our state of the art Monorail Station for final delivery.

Monorail Station

ROK Star Skip Track

Remote Control Skip Track in Action

All Aboard!

The station house is hustling and bustling today

This train has no time to spare!

Week 10 - Train

What does the research say?

Studies and observations conducted by our research partners from  The Center for Social and Academic Advancement as well as Ocean Discovery Institute found that Rokenbok play builds better learners because the toys have been carefully designed to engage both beginning and advanced builders. Rokenbok construction toys support learning by being easy to use, but always holding the potential for great complexity.

What the Experts Say

ROK Garage

It may be just a garage, but it's also the perfect combination of ROkenbok construction pieces.  Walls, roofs, beams and blocks. ROK Garages are designed to be ganged togethre to protect your entire Rokenbok fleet. Build one for each of your Rokenbok vehicles.

ROK Garage in Action

Bridge Builder toy building pieces are self supporting and designed to use the fewest pieces possible in constructing mighty bridges and roadways.  There is no limit to the ways you can invent your own highways, causeways, or suspension bridges.  The self guided Roadway pieces help guide your Rokenbok RC vehicles through tight curves or a twisting tunnel.

Bridge Building in Action

The ROK-Lift is a vertical conveyor that can lift a crate of cargo to any height.  With a simple bump of your vehicle, the ROK-Lift will hoist your cargo up its track to the top, where your ROK cargo is automatically unloaded.  ROKs spill into a hopper and then roll and tumble through the zig-zag chute system and into the giant ROK Tipple at the bottom.  Place a crate on the ROK-Lift’s platform with your Forklift, or fill the crate with your Loader or Dump truck.  Add more

Power ROK-Lift in Action

It may be a toy forklift, but it’s a real workhorse designed to move large amounts of cargo with speed and precision. Maneuver in tight spaces using your ROK Star Controller (not included). Operate the rc forks while driving. Pick up pallets. Place crates. Lift bin boxes. Stack beams. Then, reach the highest pallet rack in your warehouse while the pivoting lift mechanism keeps your load balanced. The fully functional warehouse, with crates for sorted ROK balls, is an ideal storage center for your expanding, interactive Rokenbok world.

Remote Control Forklift