Tim and Charlie's Summer Rokenbok

CenterScape was submitted by Kyle from Mason, Ohio.


Rokenbok Capital was submitted by Brandon from Fairfield, Ohio.

Rokenbok Capital

Skyrail Industries was submitted by Kyle from Mason, Ohio.

SkyRail Industries

After I took a trip to Chicago, I was inspired to recreate this iconic building. I hope you like it! Be sure to leave a comment for feedback, and subscribe for more Rokenbok Videos!
Rokenbok Willis Tower

Eccentric Ferris Wheel was submitted by Justin from Antioch, California.

Eccentric Ferris Wheel

Rokenbok Corporate headquarters was submitted by Hampton from Huntsville, Alabama. 

Rokenbok HQ

This customer video was submitted by Steve who is an avid Rokenboker. We never recommend that you mix Rokenbok and water but we loved this video! Steve shows us how fun and creative Rokenbok can really be with his 18 foot brige construction.

18 Foot Bridge Over Water

This customer video was submitted by Justin who has completed a slue of impressive and equally awesome amusement park rides. He may have outdone himself this time however.

Dive Bomber Ride

This customer video was submitted by Charlie. Here he shows off his ROK Blocks guitar which he modeled off a Fender Stratocaster and which turns out to be a very close replica. He's using a combination of ROK Blocks and regular Rokenbok building pieces to create this masterpiece! We love his creativity and style. Enjoy!

Rokenbok Guitar