St. Patrick's Day

ROK Block Adventures The ROK Block Adventures preschool and early primary curriculum kit combines advanced construction toy manipulatives with bright, engaging play mats and building plan sheets. ROK Block Adventures is not only fun - it is thoughtfully designed to make your early childhood classroom the ideal learning environment for the development of academic readiness and STEAM thinking skills.

ROK Block Adventures

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Rokenbok Movie
Road Rally

This is another incredible example of just how complex Rokenbok builds can be. Justin impresses us all by using his Dual Drive Motor, found in the drawbridge kit, to create a remarkable Demon Drop, modeled after a real amusement park ride.
Demon Drop Ride
Week 18 - Christmas
Power Sweeper
Week 17 - Carnival

Why is the Power Sweeper Our
Most Popular Vehicle?
1. Kids can emulate real life sweepers.
2. It can spit out balls and raise up and dump them from the back.
3. Comes with a Free ROK Star Controller!

Week 16 - Power Sweeper
Week 15 - Remote Control Drawbridge