Monorail Mania Start Set

Monorail Mania Start Set
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Start Your Monorail Adventure!

Monorail Mania Complete Action Set Launch your Rokenbok world with the exciting, futuristic Monorail Mania Complete Action Set!

  • Includes two interactive machines: Monorail with Power Dump Bed, and Automatic Conveyor.
  • Our easiest vehicle to drive, but advanced levels of function and challenge too.
  • Includes rail crossing, two loading docks, and sorting chute system.
  • Lifetime Guarantee on ROK Star Controller and Rokenbok building pieces.

This modern twist on a beloved classic brings a whole new level of fun to your family. Your little engineer will delight in taking control of the Monorail's power dump bed that moves from side to side for easy loading and unloading action.

Haul and dump your payload of ROK Balls onto the automatic conveyor and watch as the balls are automatically lifted on the conveyor belt. You'll be amazed as they are then sorted by size and color before being stored in spring-loaded dumping bins to await your next pick up.

The dynamic Monorail Mania Complete Action Set can either serve as a starting point for your new Rokenbok world or can be an awesome addition to your existing Rokenbok collection. This set comes with nearly 8 feet of track assembled from standard Rokenbok building pieces making it easy to expand and add switches and crossings too!

Rokenbok's Monorail Mania Complete Action Set includes: Monorail with Power Dump Bed, ROK Star Controller, Automatic Conveyor, Monorail Crossing, Sorting Chute System, Two Loading Docks, Detailed Plan Sheet with building instructions and over 77 building pieces.

Monorail Mania package size: 16.5" x 15.25" x 5.25" Weight: 7 lbs.

Requires 10 AA batteries (not included).


Requires 9 AA batteries (not included).
Requires 9 AA batteries (not included).

Learning Benefits

  • Teaches Critical Thinking
  • Promotes Cognitive Development
  • Hones Fine Motor Skills

What's In The Box

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Monorail Mania Complete Action Set

Monorail Mania Complete Action Set - What's in the box

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Rokenbok Monorail Roks, my six year old sons loves this


My son loves the Rokenbok Monorail, we got the Monorail for him about two week ago as soon as I walk in the door he ask if I can play with him. He has combined the set with other sets that he has recieved and tries different combinations, everyday a new creation. He is looking forward to Christmas all he wants in Rokenbok

Great train for all ages!!


My son received the Monorail for his fifth birthday along with the rail expansion set. I gave the rail expansion set 4 stars in another review, so I'm only reviewing the Monorail (and what comes in the box with the Monorail) here. I gave this set 5 stars because we just can't find anything not to like about it. I think our favorite part is that the train actually "works" - the power dump bed picks up roks from the bins and dumps them out - it doesn't just drive around and around the track. We also love that it runs on regular Rokenbok building sets, so you could use any Rokenbok building set to add track. Our son loves the horn sounds that the Monorail makes when you press the "1" or "2" button. The included track makes an oval that fits perfectly with the Rokenbok Construction Starter Set, and even though the oval isn't huge, we still think it's fun and a good value for the price.

The only thing that we have found that doesn't work perfectly every time is the self-centering feature on the power dump bed. Sometimes, it will return itself to slightly off centered which causes it to hit the chute on the starter set. A couple of times, the Monorail has gotten stuck because the power dump bed is off center. But, this is fairly rare, and not enough for us to remove a star. This is still great fun!

Highly recommended addition to your Rokenbok Construction family!

Something to Offer at Every Age


One of the things that really stands out to me about Rokenbok is how versatile this toy is. Most toys have a relatively narrow age range during which they are age-appropriate and challenging, and as a mother of three (and wannabe minimalist) I've become accustomed to bringing toys in and out of storage as my children grow. The best toys are those that have something to offer at every age and stage. Toys that young children can have fun with, but which have additional levels of complexity for older children (and adults!) to discover and master. Rokenbok is such a toy. Everyone from my preschooler to my husband has been having a blast! Way to go Rokenbok!


My son loves rokenbok


Rokenbok is awesome. My son loves it. My husband started helping him at 2. Now at 4, he can build things I can only dream of. My 2 year old daughter is now showing interest as well. It would be great to have a pink set. I think Rokenbok is wonderful and I recommend it to all the parents I know. Keep up the good work. Maybe a mining set will be next?

Awesome Set


I recently recieved this set and I have to say that I think it's the best set I've ever had. It has so many pieces, from swinging doors and decks to archways and mini ramps. This is an awesome value for all the parts in it. It has added so much functionality and detail to my builds!



I've had my monorail system for eleven years and it still looks and works like new. The only problem I've ever had is some slight slipping going up hill. Customer service informs me that some friction tape on the rails will fix that. My kids are finally old enough to build and play with the Rokenbok system and they've been having a great time. All the vehicles are rugged enough to withstand daily use without sacrificing finesse and function. There are some R/C vehicles designed for children that have very limited controls. Rokenbok machines are not like that. They are fully functional and intuitive enough for children to control.

A Powerhouse of Fun!


I've been Rokenboking since 2008. This was my second vehicle! Ever since I opened it out of its box I've been loving it ever since. I love the design of the monorail, and the features it includes! When have you ever seen a toy monorail that has a dump bed? It's WONDERFUL! I would HIGHLY recommend buying this as a great expansion to any Rokenbok world. With this Monorail alone, you can create huge railyards, or loading docks. The new ROK star technology helps turn this train of the future into a powerhouse of fun!



This Rokenbok set is so deceiving. The number of parts is much higher than what is shown in the picture.
If you build what's shown you still have 1/2 the parts left. A lot of great construction parts that you can't even get anymore. Checkout the Rokenbok forum challenges and see all the great things you could build with this set. Highly recommended for all ages.

Amazing buy!


This is a VERY good set to buy. I had been using only basic sets for the longest time, but the pieces in this set have taken my buildings up several big steps! Hines, doors, risers, supports, stairs, ladders, roofs- this is TOTALLY worth the buy!

An amazing Set, good for warehouses and rail stations especially


I love this set. It has a lot of those pieces that I'm always wishing I had more of: Swinging doors, green "I" beams, green arch beams, yellow roofs, andled windows, and decks. I would reccomend this to anyone who loves to freebuild or to add on to existing structures. The only thing I noticed was there were relatively few blocks. I would reccomend a Block Set- Blue with this set. Other than that, it is awesome! I cant wait to build a bigger rail station and expand my warehouse!

A wonderful set

Architect's Dream The Architect's Dream is certainly one of the best, if not the best Rokenbok set ever made. It was designed by master Rokenbok Jon Ghidoni (Big Kid) and can build two new set designs as well as classic sets like the crane warehouse. Contents:The contents of this set can't be found anywhere else. This set give's you large quantities of building basics (TEN FULL WHITE DECKS) as well as more uncommon parts like green arches. If your tired of your Rokenbok structures looking bland this set is definitely for you. The Set:The set design is incredible. Jon clearly put a lot of time and effort into the set. Everything is put together in the most practical and innovative way. It's on of those sets you just don't want to take apart. Well done Big Kid.

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