Braces & Supports

Braces & Supports
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Ideal set to support large structures, bridges, and skyscrapers!

Includes 46 building pieces that add strength and stability to your buildings. Great for adding creative building details, too!

Learning Benefits

Building with Rokenbok:

  • Introduces Engineering and Design Concepts
  • Promotes Analytical thinking
  • Promotes STEAM Affinity
  • Develops Fine Motor Skills

What's In The Box

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Braces & Supports

List Price: $15.99
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Braces & Supports

Braces and Supports


When I got my first Rokenbok set years ago, I wondered what these parts were for, the structure looked fine to me. But, as my Rokenbok world expanded, I gained a great respect for these parts. They allow for adding strength to any build. Corners that used to twist, and beams that sagged were reinforced, allowing for taller cunstruction, such as towers and bridges. These little pieces that I used to wonder what to do with, are now a major part of all my builds.

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