Inventor's Tool Box

Inventor's Tool Box
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Want to challenge your family and open up new building options?

This set is chock full of hinges, pulleys, angled blocks, and LOTS of beams and is great for quickly expanding your Rokenbok collection and adding advanced options.

Families have built Rube Goldberg Machines, aerial tramways, drawbridges, and elevators using the Inventor's Series set. That’s just the beginning of what is possible with this mega set.

The Inventor's Tool Box is a 618-piece assortment of everything inventors need to construct operating Rokenbok machines. Included are all of the Inventor's Series construction components: 30 and 60 degree angle blocks, pulleys, hinges, swivel blocks, tow hooks, wheels and axles, and single snap blocks, plus a large assortment of the most popular Rokenbok construction components.

Use your RC Monorail or other Rokenbok RC vehicles to power your new inventions. Better yet, add the Motorized Remote Control Drawbridge with winch, axle, and cog drives. The Motorized Remote Control Drawbridge will inspire you to create even more inventions with your Inventor’s Tool Box.

Vehicles sold separately.

Learning Benefits

  • Hones Fine Motor Skills
  • Develops Spatial Thinking
  • Teaches Critical Thinking
  • Promotes Cognitive Development
  • Introduces Engineering and Design Concepts

What's In The Box

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Inventor's Tool Box

Inventor's Tool Box - What's in the box

List Price: $149.99
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Inventor's Tool Box

Glad to have it in my parts bin


I love having the pieces that are included in this set. I changed my cable trolley into one with wheels that rolled up the arm to the tower with the elevator. I also changed that. In doing so, I was able to easily transport the RC vehicles without worrying about structural failure. The "onesies" in the set allow me to build things I'd never previously been able to build. They also are a wonderful addition to your chutes and hoppers and makes "coping" with the odd angles much easier.

Inventor's Tool Box


This set is great! I have been able to make so many cool contraptions and add-ons such as trailers, gates, and even lifts out of the pieces in here. It comes with so many cool pieces that are really neat and they can help to make your build even cooler!



Super cool. One of my favorites. Last year I built an areal tramway capable of carrying vehicles across a 5 foot gap. I powered this by using the curved and straight beams to make a wheel that my dozer would drive into and turn the wheel; this would wind the string around the wheel and pull the tramway car across the gap. If you like to build creative things or you are an advanced builder, then this is what you need. It even comes with almost 100 beams. I just got another inventors toolbox set. I build two 6 foot towers with all of the beams, including an incline lift and an elevator capable of lifting vehicles. It is worth way more than the price!

inventors tool box

This is even better than it looks!! It is awesome!!