Maker ROK Gadgets

Maker ROK Gadgets
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Creates 3 ROK-tastic Builds

Maker ROK Gadgets will challenge kids to think about the way simple machines function through 3 hands-on builds: the ROK-A-Pult, ROK Racer, or ROK Grabber. Hands-on play is a great way to foster learning and give children a deeper understanding of the world around them.

This is a great opportunity to teach kids about potential energy, as well as introduce angles and measuring. Maker ROK Gadgets is the first of our brand new Maker Series - Supporting STEM Education.

Package size: 13.00" x 4.505" x 7.505" Weight: 2.5 lbs.

Learning Benefits

  • Teaches Critical Thinking
  • Promotes Cognitive Development
  • Hones FIne Motor Skills
  • Introduce Angles and Measuring
  • Teach Potential Energy

What's In The Box

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Maker ROK Gadgets

Monorail Mania Complete Action Set - What's in the box

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Maker ROK Gadgets
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We got a sneak peak to try out Maker ROK Gadgets before it was released and the boys had a ton of fun with it.

I have 3 boys and I'm always on the look out for durable toys and bonus points if they can teach something useful. Not only did Rokenbok exceed my expectations but the boys played with it for hours by themselves and returned to it the next day. There was some arguing over the catapult....but hey, kids need to learn sharing too!

We've been really impressed so far and are excited to add more Rokenbok to the collection!

ROK Gadgets Rock


I recently went to the Makers Faire in San Mateo, CA with my 3 sons (4 1/2, 4 1/2, and 2). We saw ROK Gadgets at the faire and of course the boys "had to have it". We ordered the set. At first I had some doubts that my 4 1/2 year old twins would be able to use this advanced set. So, I took the lead on assembly, but had them interpret the illustrated instructions and give me the pieces they thought we needed. It was a great family activity, and once it's assembled, it's an awesome toy they can play with. The love all three configurations: Car & Ramp, Catapult, and "The Claw!" Now whenever they "break" one of the toys, I challenge them to put it back together. And they're doing a great job with it. So, although it's a little advance for 4 year olds, this is a toy we're playing with as a family, we're enjoying, and the kids are challenged to learn with. I look forward to the boys continuing to grow with Rokenbok. Thank you!

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