Monorail Track

Monorail Track
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Large monorail track expansion set!

This versatile rail construction expansion set includes just the right pieces and plans for three cool track layouts, or you can create your own layouts - it's up to you! Build working trestles, add more curves, or create a figure eight layout. Signal lights, catwalks, and other rail construction accessories are also included.

Track package size: 13.25" x 7.5" x 3.5" Weight: 3 lbs.

Note: Vehicle sold in the Monorail Mania Complete Action Set. (Vehicle is not sold seperately)

Learning Benefits

  • Teaches Critical Thinking
  • Promotes Cognitive Development
  • Hones FIne Motor Skills

What's In The Box

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Monorail Track

Monorail Track - What's in the box

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Great track with one minor tweak!


My son received this rail expansion set along with the Rokenbok Monorail for his 5th birthday. I gave the Monorail 5 stars in another review, so I'm really just reviewing the expansion set track here. There are a lot of great pieces in this set including 4 hills and some neat accessories (railroad signals, catwalks, railing, etc.). We all love this set because it provides a lot of great options for different track layouts so builders can really express their creativity. We connected this set to the oval that comes with the Monorail, and it works perfectly! The 3 suggested layouts that come with this track are pretty fun, but there really are endless variations that you could build with this set. If you use all of the pieces, the resulting track is fairly large - you probably need about a 5'x 6' play area if you are connecting the construction set and/or the forklift to use with the Monorail.

I took one star off, because we had to make one small tweak to make this rail expansion set work properly. The Monorail kept slipping and was unable to climb the hills. So, we took the advice of a couple of other Rokenbok fans and placed friction tape/no-slip tape on the hills (you can find this at most home improvement stores). The monorail climbs perfectly now! But, without the addition of the friction tape, the Monorail would not climb the hills on its own; we had to push it up the hills. Rokenbok could make this a 5 star track set in my opinon by providing pre-measured/cut friction tape in the set, or better yet by figuring out some way to rough up the hills on each side a bit to help the Monorail grip and climb.

All in all, a solid investment for playtime - enjoyed by kids and adults!!

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