Rokenbok Station / Architect's Dream

Rokenbok Station / Architect's Dream
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This mega set is the ultimate train station and depot!

This Mega Monorail Station was designed by a Rokenboker just like you! A modern twist to an iconic classic, the Monorail is a fabulous addition to any Rokenbok set, and this construction add-on will open up a new world of building and construction for your Monorail.

It's the ultimate two-story Monorail station and depot. It's one of our massive construction sets, so it can build a lot more than just a station. Experiment with building a Crane Warehouse, Auto Center, Rail Station, ROK Arena, Firehouse, ROK Garage, and Service Station.


Note: Monorail sold in the Monorail Mania Complete Action Set

This is an architectural dream set for Rokenbokers. If you like adding realism or detail to your buildings, this kit is for you. There are a ton of decks, wall pieces, windows, doors, swinging garage doors (8!), skylight roof pieces, the solid yellow industrial roof pieces, arch braces, I beams, a few Inventor's Kit pieces, and a bunch of small detail parts.

Package size: 18" x 16" x 7"  Weight: 12 lbs.

Learning Benefits

  • Teaches Critical Thinking
  • Promotes Cognitive Development
  • Applies Engineering and Design Concepts
  • Develops Fine Motor Skills
  • Hones Fine Motor Skills

What's In The Box

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Mighty Train Station

Mighty Train Station - What's in the box

List Price: $149.99
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Awesome Set


I recently recieved this set and I have to say that I think it's the best set I've ever had. It has so many pieces, from swinging doors and decks to archways and mini ramps. This is an awesome value for all the parts in it. It has added so much functionality and detail to my builds!



This Rokenbok set is so deceiving. The number of parts is much higher than what is shown in the picture.
If you build what's shown you still have 1/2 the parts left. A lot of great construction parts that you can't even get anymore. Checkout the Rokenbok forum challenges and see all the great things you could build with this set. Highly recommended for all ages.

Amazing buy!


This is a VERY good set to buy. I had been using only basic sets for the longest time, but the pieces in this set have taken my buildings up several big steps! Hines, doors, risers, supports, stairs, ladders, roofs- this is TOTALLY worth the buy!

An amazing Set, good for warehouses and rail stations especially


I love this set. It has a lot of those pieces that I'm always wishing I had more of: Swinging doors, green "I" beams, green arch beams, yellow roofs, andled windows, and decks. I would reccomend this to anyone who loves to freebuild or to add on to existing structures. The only thing I noticed was there were relatively few blocks. I would reccomend a Block Set- Blue with this set. Other than that, it is awesome! I cant wait to build a bigger rail station and expand my warehouse!

A wonderful set

Architect's Dream The Architect's Dream is certainly one of the best, if not the best Rokenbok set ever made. It was designed by master Rokenbok Jon Ghidoni (Big Kid) and can build two new set designs as well as classic sets like the crane warehouse. Contents: The contents of this set can't be found anywhere else. This set give's you large quantities of building basics (TEN FULL WHITE DECKS) as well as more uncommon parts like green arches. If your tired of your Rokenbok structures looking bland this set is definitely for you. The Set: The set design is incredible. Jon clearly put a lot of time and effort into the set. Everything is put together in the most practical and innovative way. It's on of those sets you just don't want to take apart. Well done Big Kid.


Architect's Dream
(review also posted on the Rokenbok Forums)

If you like detail and hard to find parts, this set is for
you. The Architect's Dream set comes with almost every rare and hard to find
part such as the garage doors, yellow roofs, spiral stair case parts, and more.

The Box:

The box isn't the most visually appealing, just a giant sticker that is placed on a white box. It is certainly better than the boxes with nothing on them such as chutes

The Parts:

This set is perfect for people who love detail, those hard
to find parts, and beams. Architects dream set has some of the best parts, a
great amount of beams, garage doors, walls, yellow roofs, decks, corbels, and
much more. The color choices in some things might make some Rokenbokers frown
upon the set such as the teal garage doors with white beams. I do remember Big
Kid requesting these doors to match better, but sadly there was some miscommunication
in the process. The other color choice is light blue cubes, windows, supports,
etc. I do know that some Rokenbokers like dark blue better, but I for one like
the light blue mostly because there aren't many light blue supports and I have
many more light blue cubes than any other color. Overall this set is a great
set that I think every Rokenboker should own.


I found some errors in this set such as the
instructions state you need 2 single snaps when you actually need 4. The
instructions also state that there are 2 stop lights when there is actually
only 1. Lastly I'm not sure if it was an error but the set only came with 1
building plan.
(NOTE: This review was posted on 8/12/10 and these erros may have been corrected since then)

The set:

K Animation said this part better than I can, so I'll just
quote him.

Originally posted by K Animation

The set design the contents build is incredible. Jon clearly put a lot of time
and effort into the set. Everything is put together in the most practical and
innovative way. It's one of those sets you just don't want to take apart. Well
done Big Kid.

Over all I
am very happy with this set and hope to buy another in the future, well done
Big Kid, the amount of detail you put in this set is amazing! Clap

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