Tower of ROK Mania

Tower of ROK Mania
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Love vertical conveyors, crazy chute systems, and lots of ROKs?

This construction tower set is for anyone that loves vertical conveyors, elevators, rolling, tumbling, twisting ROK action!

To start the action going, the Power ROK-Lift carries two crates of blue and red ROKs up the five-story construction tower. The ROKs shoot across the tower and go spinning down dual spirals, in opposite directions!  Double Tipples complete the ROK’s journey, dumping them into twin giant ROK silos that can hold 400 ROKs or more!  Fun to build and even more fun to operate, the Tower of ROK Mania is a great place to give your RC Loader and RC Fork Lift a work out, and to store every one of your Rokenbok ROKs.

Package Size: 14" x 14.25" 7.75"  Weight: 9.5 lbs.

Requires 3 AA batteries, not included.

Learning Benefits

  • Hones Fine Motor Skills
  • Develops Spatial Thinking
  • Teaches Critical Thinking
  • Promotes Cognitive Development
  • Introduces Engineering and Design Concepts

What's In The Box

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Tower of ROK Mania

Tower of ROK Mania - What's in the box

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Tower of ROK Mania


What can I say...this product is near perfection! It's rare to find an educational toy that is also loads of fun to play with and build! As a parent, I usually dread the "assembly" of toys but not this one! I had so much fun constructing this with my four year old! While the instructions are great, it also leaves some creative freedom to set it up different depending on what you want to do. We set it up as per the instructions but then after playing with it a bit changed it so we could do different loading/ball dispensing and we easily connected it to our other sets for the ultimate playset! It seems like such a "simple" feature to have the balls automatically sorted by color yet it's so cool and really adds to the functionality of this "toy". I love how you can switch between machines with one remote as whenever my son needed help in some tricky maneuvering, I was able to help steer with the push of a button! I can't wait to get the forklift to add to the set for some more fun! The best part about these sets is that your children never "outgrow" them and because of the outstanding quality and the advanced technology of the remotes/machines, you can save these for future generations! Toys that truly stand the test of time! This company has created a lifelong customer and I'm so happy that I discovered them!

Love the Tower of ROK Mania


My kids love playing with the Tower of ROK Mania. They watch in amazement as the balls are carried up the tall conveyor belt before winding through the chutes and being separated into the correct color-coded zone. It's like a mini rollercoaster of blue and red balls! The Tower fits perfectly into our existing Rokenbok sets and gives the kids lots of new ways to play!

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