Power Sweeper - FREE Controller!

Power Sweeper - FREE Controller!
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The Power Sweeper is Rokenbok’s most popular vehicle! 

Plus it comes with a FREE Control Pad!

The Power Sweeper can sweep up ROKs into its holding chamber and then spit them back out. As you gather more ROK balls you'll begin to notice them climbing up into the back dump bed. From there the Sweeper can actually raise up and dump the ROKs out the back tailgate. No wonder it's so popular! There’s even an automatic trailer hitch, horn, and back-up warning!

What has two microprocessors, multiple gear trains, four motors, and can hold up to 40 ROKs? The Rokenbok Power Sweeper, of course!  Rokenbok remote control machines are tough, real working equipment. They are built for rough play, crashes, and spills. This is not an ordinary toy street sweeper, but a precise and rugged ROK Star-controlled robot. ROK Star machines are smart, too. They won’t interfere with each other so that you can add as many ROK Star machines and controllers as you want to your Rokenbok world.

Requires 6 AA batteries (not included).

Package Size:  8.75" x 7.25" x 5"  Weight: 2.5 lbs.

Learning Benefits

  • Introduces Simple Machines
  • Develops Fine Motor Skills
  • Teaches Cause and Effect

What's In The Box

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Power Sweeper Value Pack

Power Sweeper Value Pack - What's in the box

List Price: $109.98
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Can't get enough out of this.... Truly Awesome Toy


Like all the Rokenbok toys they are all truly great products. My son just loves to play with this. Although the toy may be intended for 6+ he is 3 ready to turn 4 in another month and he has no problems handling this awesome toy. Although he has a few issues trying to line it up with the conveyor to dump the Roks, but it's no big deal to him he just picks it up and moves it. As his skills progress he'll be able to get it lined up soon enough.

Gold Treatment from Customer Service


I am so pleased with your company, great product and gold treatment from customer service. Thanks for the replacement, it arrived this week ;) . We are already looking for the next vehicle for my son's birthday. 

Thanks again.

Two thumbs up from an engineer!


My kids and I happened upon a Rokenbok YouTube commercial and the rest is history. My 7, 4, and 2 year old ended up watching every one of the short videos multiple times. As a mechanical engineer, I immediately thought the concept was great but I doubted the product could live up to the advertised hype. I was wrong! Christmas morning came, the kids screamed with excitement, and we quickly found out that Rokenbok was for real! I was immediately impressed by the robustness and the functionality of each different vehicle. My children especially enjoyed the Power Sweeper because of its various operations. The greatest thing is that everything works!! We look forward to playing with our current machines and growing our fleet in the coming years. Thanks Rokenbok for an excellent, well built, and fun learning experience for my children!

In addition, the customer service is amazing - prompt communication, customer focus, and willingness to help in every way!

Buy with confidence!



1. Just read the other reviews to learn about how cool this vehicle is. The other reviewers have said it all.
2. Addition: the controller is a great size for my 4 year old's hands. It works wonderfully: simple and responsive.

Power Sweeper Value Pack


This is the most amazing product I have ever seen. My grandson was so excited when I told him I had ordered the Power Sweeper. He has watched it many times on the computer but when it arrived, it was like it was Christmas. It is so well made and so easy for a 6 year old autistic ADHD child to handle. He figured it out all by himself. What is so cool is that it dumps from the back and also from the front. What a cleaver idea. He loves to watch the bed of the sweeper fill up with balls. I am amazed that this is such a well built machine and I don't really see anything on it that a kid could break. Your products are amazing and this Sweeper is a hit and recommend it for all kids and adults.

My 7 year old grandson loves


My 7 year old grandson loves it! We have many of the "old style" vehicles with cords, etc. Since I am retired and on a fixed income, I can't possibly replace them with the new models. But I would work out a way to finance a comprehensive "converter package" so they could all be used together, if such a thing were available. Any possibility of that?

Power Sweeper


When upgrading to the Rokstar system we thought the Power Sweeper would be a great place to start. The working taillights are a favorite in our house, and the added siren and horn on the Rokstar controllers are a new favorite. The warehouse set the RC Forklift comes in is also very popular. Overall our experience with the new Power Sweeper and Warehouse have been fantastic. As always the quality of all components is outstanding as well. We love the Power Sweeper and the new Rokstar system!!

This toy is a great companion to other sets


We purchased this toy as a companion to one of the Complete Action Sets. We find that cleanup is no longer a chore, but is instead another opportunity to learn hand-eye coordination and become rok-stars on our controllers. Thanks RokenBok!!!

The Power Sweeper Roks!!


My 4 and 6 year old love Rokenbok.

This Sweeper makes "cleanup" so easy and fun. My kids love "running over and sucking up" the balls. My kids do not realize they are even helping clean up. Additionally, they do not realize they are learning while playing with their Rokenbok set. Their parents love watching them play together - using teamwork, imagination, technical skills, etc. It is soooo much better than TV and video games :)

Great new power sweeper


My 6 yr.old son loves this new sweeper with the ROK Star Controller. This sweeper handles with ease and operates very smoothly. It is a great addition to any Rokenbok set.
Christine, the Rokenbok rep., was very helpful and accommodating to me in finding just what I needed.
I love Rokenbok. It provides my son with endless hours of enjoyment.
Thanks you,

So Much Fun for EVERYONE!


These Rokenbok vehicles are the best and what I LOVE about this set is that the Rok Star Controller is included! We have four boys ages 9, 7, 7, and 2 and they all love Rokenboks. With the Rok Star Controller, nobody ever feels left out because you can use more than one and they do not interfere with each other! They make it so easy to include everyone in the fun! We like having races with the Power Sweeper and the Dump Truck to pick up all sorts of balls! Also, I am a teacher and really feel like the Rokenbok toys are educational, as well as, fun! I love watching my boys design different buildings of their own in addition to the buildings that the sets are designed for. At first I thought that the Rokenboks would only be for my older children, but I was proven wrong. My 2-year-old likes the Power Sweeper just as much as the 9-year-old. Oh, and did I mention their father? I cannot get my husband away from these things. He has so much fun playing with the boys!

Rokenboking for over 13 years!

"I originally bought several Rokenbok sets in 1997 for my youngest son, then age 6. The sets were used on a daily basis by all three of my sons and many of their friends and my husband and I were impressed with the quality of the building materials and vehicles. Eventually the sets were packed up until I recently got everything out for my 4 year old granddaughter and ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING worked perfectly. My oldest son, now 31, and his daughter had a great time with the old sets and my recent order is a Christmas present so they can expand and update. I thought the starter set would allow my granddaughter to work independently while my son sets up the more complex pieces. He was thrilled to see the Rokenbok again and has to agree to share with his two brothers when they visit. Your products are excellent. . . Now that I've found the website, which I have shared with my sons, we will continue to order additional sets.
Thank you for your innovation and attention to quality,"

Dr. Linda Strout

Favorite vehicle


My son and I love this vehicle. It picks up balls on virtually any surface, giving the driver an important job and making it an ideal addition to our Rokenbok "fleet". The Sweeper is tremendously feature rich, which is great for keeping children interested and even Dad. Furthermore the new remote enables really quick and easy switching between vehicles, plus a whole new set of additional features such as horns, backup sounds, and tracking adjustment. This is a great toy and I highly recommend it.

Great addition!


We wanted to try out the new Rokenbok Rokstar systems so we purchased a new ROK Works and this. Rokenbok makes the best real working machines. The Power Sweeper is amazing and my kids and their cousins all fawn after it. And since it's combined with the new Rokstar controller it's a great value too.

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