ROK Balls

ROK Balls
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You can never have too many ROKs!

Things are always more fun with extra balls! We recommend adding a pack of balls to an order and saving them as a backup for lost ROK balls or if you would like more ROKs to play with.

Add 100 ROK balls to your Rokenbok world: 50 large blue ROKs and 50 small red ROKs.

Learning Benefits

  • Teach Colors
  • Teach Sorting
  • Promote Counting
  • Develops Spatial Skills

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ROK Balls

List Price: $7.99
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ROK Balls

A must have. There is so

A must have. There is so much going on when my two grandsons get together with the Rokenbok machines, the extra ROK balls gave them plenty of supplies to make their rounds with their equipment.

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