Monorail 4 Way Cross Track

Monorail 4 Way Cross Track
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Create New Layouts with 4-way Crossing

The 4-Way Crossing gives you even more track layout options.  Now you can have one Monorail track cross directly through another.  The spring loaded track sections are pushed aside by the passing Monorail, and spring back as soon as the Monorail has passed.  Like Switches, 4-Way Crossings can be  placed at ground level or snapped into your Rokenbok World at any height.  Designed to work with all Monorail System products.

Learning Benefits

  • Teaches Cause and Effect
  • Introduces Simple Machines
  • Promotes Creative Thinking

What's In The Box

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Monorail 4-way Cross Track

Monorail 4-way Cross Track - What's in the box

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4-Way Cross Track Adds Lots of Fun to Monorail Set


Adding the 4-way cross track to our monorail set opened up a whole new level of play for our family. The kids loved being able to create tracks that criss-crossed each other and the new figure eight design was a hit!

Great for adding loops to your layout


Easy to use, fun to watch its a "must add" to your rails system.

Fun Addition!

We added this to our set and are having a blast with all the new ways we can arrange our monorail track. We plan to purchase another and add even more track soon.

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