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Power Sweeper - FREE Controller! Rokenbok's Most Popular Add-On Vehicle! $109.98 $74.99
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Power Sweeper - FREE Controller!

  • Includes FREE ROK Star Controller; new technology controls every machine with a single controller.
  • Most popular Rokenbok machine has 4 motors for driving, sweeping, lifting tank, and dumping.
  • Parents love to play too!
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Maker Series - Young Engineer Start Set Put Your Engineering Skills to the Test! $329.95 $259.99
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Maker Series - Young Engineer Start Set

  • Inspire creativity, logicalthinking, deductive reasoning and more!
  • Includes the X2 Dual Drive Power Unit.
  • Endless Opportunities for Creative...
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Our Best Monorail Set Ever! Our Biggest Monorail Adventure Yet! $299.98 $279.98
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Our Best Monorail Set Ever!

  • Includes two interactive machines: Monorail with Power Dump Bed, and Automatic Conveyor.
  • Our easiest vehicle to drive, but advanced levels of function and challenge too.
  • The Monorail glides across track...
Your rating: None Average: 4.6 (36 votes)

Customer Reviews

These toys are like a secret gem


I felt like we got so lucky to run across these toys on the Internet. I have never seen them in stores and they blow Legos and Erector sets out of the water. They provide hours of imaginative play for my two children who are a boy and a girl and spaced far apart in age 4 and 8. There aren't many toys that I have found that span ages and gender. This is the toy that my son and daughter keep asking for more of and I plan to extend his set for years.

Pricey but Excellent


As others have said, this set is deceivingly huge. The station in the back probably close to 3 feet long. Make sure you have ample space. My son is able to sit in the middle of the set and interact with everything. We picked up some extra tracks and rock works construction + loader combo set a month after getting this and have built a great construction site. This particular set makes a fantastic starter.

Best blocks on the market!


I looked at all other blocks and chose these. Why? Because the educational value is top notch and they are lots of fun. With other blocks you are either locked into a specific design, you end up building lots of walls and towers, or you cannot expand your set as your child grows. With ROK Blocks, you are only limited by your imagination. Since having these over the past month, my 3.5yr old son and I have built trucks, a fork-lift, a variety of airplanes, garage, tower and some creations that my son created by himself. It’s exciting for me to see his creations and how he is starting to understand that this isn’t your typical block set.

What I like:
1) As an engineer myself, I really like this set because I can teach my son a lot of different mechanical concepts and as he grows the set can grow into more complex systems.
2) Develops creativity - only limited by your imagination.
3) Develops fine motor skills. The pieces come in different shapes and sizes - including pieces that rotate or swivel - requires my son to learn how to assemble them together.
4) The models are sturdy - don't fall apart easily when playing with them.

What I would like to see improved:
1) Some of the smaller pieces are difficult to assemble - even for me. Perhaps it’s only my set or over time and some wear, some of these pieces will be easier to snap into place.
2) I would like to have seen a pulley in the set and a few more of the large red angled blocks to make a giant wheel. The set does come with smaller wheels but to make a giant wheel you need 6 more red angled blocks in the set (I just purchased another deluxe set to expand the possibilities).

Overall, I am very pleased with the educational value and enjoyment my son gets from these blocks. I highly recommend them.

Most Innovative Toys


Back in 1997 I was working at Pixar Animation Studios. Having worked on Toy Story 2 I was deeply involved in analyzing what made toys "fun". I remembered a great toy as a child called "Vertibird", it was a mechanical helicopter toy that flew around a base. As a child I learned about many things studying how that toy worked. Flash forward to 1997 and I absolutely fell in love with the mechanical lessons and high quality craftsmanship in Rokenbok. I became a very vocal proponent and fan of Rokenbok while at Pixar. Flash forward now 14 years and I suddenly am breaking it out to play with my 3 yr old son. I still am amazed at this toy and remain very impressed. I can't recommend Rokenbok enough.

Rokenbok Monorail Roks, my six year old sons loves this


My son loves the Rokenbok Monorail, we got the Monorail for him about two week ago as soon as I walk in the door he ask if I can play with him. He has combined the set with other sets that he has recieved and tries different combinations, everyday a new creation. He is looking forward to Christmas all he wants in Rokenbok

Awesome Set


I recently recieved this set and I have to say that I think it's the best set I've ever had. It has so many pieces, from swinging doors and decks to archways and mini ramps. This is an awesome value for all the parts in it. It has added so much functionality and detail to my builds!

Add a second X2 for twice the fun!


A Powerhouse of Fun!


I've been Rokenboking since 2008. This was my second vehicle! Ever since I opened it out of its box I've been loving it ever since. I love the design of the monorail, and the features it includes! When have you ever seen a toy monorail that has a dump bed? It's WONDERFUL! I would HIGHLY recommend buying this as a great expansion to any Rokenbok world. With this Monorail alone, you can create huge railyards, or loading docks. The new ROK star technology helps turn this train of the future into a powerhouse of fun!

Building is Fun with ROK Blocks


The Deluxe ROK Blocks are awesome for my preschooler. She loves to build her own creations as well as follow the guides to make the airplane and more. The ROK Blocks are the perfect size for young kids, too big to put in your mouth but small enough to easily handle. They snap together easily and provide hours of entertainment. Building 3-dimensional models is a great way to have fun with the whole family!

Get Rokn Young Action Set


One word - Awesome! My son is 6 years old and loves trucks and heavy construction equipment. We have been visiting granite quarries since he was born to watch the trucks and other construction vehicles move granite around. When he received this set - it was an instant hit. The dump truck hauls and dumps like the real thing. The lights, engine sound, and back up siren are awesome. He loves driving the truck back and forth picking up the rok balls and driving them back to the conveyor belt. The instructions were so clear and easy to read, he built everything himself. He loves the trailer that hooks up to the dump truck and he seems to come up with different designs daily. The wireless controller works great and allows him to move around freely all over the house. The quality is outstanding and he spends hours playing with it every day. Great product! Keep up the great design work and innovation. Looking forward to many more years of fun and creativity!

Great train for all ages!!


My son received the Monorail for his fifth birthday along with the rail expansion set. I gave the rail expansion set 4 stars in another review, so I'm only reviewing the Monorail (and what comes in the box with the Monorail) here. I gave this set 5 stars because we just can't find anything not to like about it. I think our favorite part is that the train actually "works" - the power dump bed picks up roks from the bins and dumps them out - it doesn't just drive around and around the track. We also love that it runs on regular Rokenbok building sets, so you could use any Rokenbok building set to add track. Our son loves the horn sounds that the Monorail makes when you press the "1" or "2" button. The included track makes an oval that fits perfectly with the Rokenbok Construction Starter Set, and even though the oval isn't huge, we still think it's fun and a good value for the price.

The only thing that we have found that doesn't work perfectly every time is the self-centering feature on the power dump bed. Sometimes, it will return itself to slightly off centered which causes it to hit the chute on the starter set. A couple of times, the Monorail has gotten stuck because the power dump bed is off center. But, this is fairly rare, and not enough for us to remove a star. This is still great fun!

Highly recommended addition to your Rokenbok Construction family!

Great first set!


I bought this set for my younger child of 4. He had no problem getting the dump truck to do its thing right away. I actually had to pry him away the first day! He also loves the ease of the controller. It find it so rewarding to spend more time with my kids because I wanna play with these toys as well. I highly recommend this set!

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