GET ROK'n Young Builder & Action Set

GET ROK'n Young Builder & Action Set
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Get ROK’n is a dynamic entry point for your young builder. Playing with Rokenbok jumpstarts your youngster's education and gives them an edge with the critical skills they need in school. There are significant demonstrated benefits when playing with construction toys like Rokenbok that promote creativity, out-of-the-box problem solving, and confidence from the earliest age. Rokenbok is more than a high quality, meticulously-designed toy system - it’s a set of fun tools that brings growth to your living room floor.


Get ROK’n Young Builder and Action Set includes:

   •   Remote Control Dump Truck and ROK Star Controller

•   Automatic Conveyor with Motion Sensor

•   ROK Blocks - Promote Cognitive Development

•   Chutes and Dispensers for Material Management

•   Step-by-step Building Plans


Get ROK'n is easy to add onto and will grow with your family.  It works with all other products in the Rokenbok system.

Requires 9 AA batteries (not included).


Night Shift Trailer - Add a little nightlife to your construction site. This battery-powered trailer features working spotlights and directional arrows, perfect for your night crew.  Use the rear directional arrows to direct vehicles and control traffic flow. Plus, you can light up your construction area as needed with the rotating spotlights.

The Night Shift Trailer hitches to any Rokenbok vehicle so you can move it around your construction zone.  You can control the blinking warning arrows, too.

Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).


Get ROK'n is perfect for your younger builder and it's easy to add onto and will grow with your family.  It works with all other products in the Rokenbok system.

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GET ROK'n package size: 16.75" x 12" x5.25"  Weight: 5 lbs.

Learning Benefits

  • Introduces Simple Machines
  • Develops Fine Motor Skills
  • Teaches Cause and Effect

What's In The Box

GET ROK'n Young Builder & Action Set

Get ROK'n Young Builder & Action Set - What's in the box

Night Shift Trailer

Night Shift Trailer - What's in the box

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GET ROK'n Young Builder & Action Set

Most Innovative Toys


Back in 1997 I was working at Pixar Animation Studios. Having worked on Toy Story 2 I was deeply involved in analyzing what made toys "fun". I remembered a great toy as a child called "Vertibird", it was a mechanical helicopter toy that flew around a base. As a child I learned about many things studying how that toy worked. Flash forward to 1997 and I absolutely fell in love with the mechanical lessons and high quality craftsmanship in Rokenbok. I became a very vocal proponent and fan of Rokenbok while at Pixar. Flash forward now 14 years and I suddenly am breaking it out to play with my 3 yr old son. I still am amazed at this toy and remain very impressed. I can't recommend Rokenbok enough.

Wonderful building/engineering toys!


First of all, I would like to thank you for making such amazing products. My children (all 3... 2 girls and a boy) love Rokenbok building toys. They are one of the most frequently used toys in our home. I love that Rokenbok appeals to such a variety of ages, not to mention girls and boys. Thank you for making such wonderful building/engineering toys.

Something to Offer at Every Age


One of the things that really stands out to me about Rokenbok is how versatile this toy is. Most toys have a relatively narrow age range during which they are age-appropriate and challenging, and as a mother of three (and wannabe minimalist) I've become accustomed to bringing toys in and out of storage as my children grow. The best toys are those that have something to offer at every age and stage. Toys that young children can have fun with, but which have additional levels of complexity for older children (and adults!) to discover and master. Rokenbok is such a toy. Everyone from my preschooler to my husband has been having a blast! Way to go Rokenbok!


Get ROK'n Young Builder & Action Set is Awesome!


I absolutely adore my new Get ROK'n Young Builder & Action Set! I've been a Rokenboker for over 5 years, and I'm used to the Radio Controlled vehicles. I've always disliked the wires everywhere, and having to move the control pad if my vehicle goes too far from the pad. I was a bit unsure of what it would be like to have 2 "systems" functioning at the same time, but as always, Rokenbok, you've done it again! I love the new Rok Star system! It really makes playing with Rokenbok a lot more fun. I'm usually down in the basement, playing with my Rokenbok, for 1, 2, even 3 hours! Rokenbok Roks!

ROK'n Young Builder Set


My grandson doesn't play with his Rokenbok... he creates!! We got his first set for his 3rd Christmas, unsure of whether he would be too young to use it for a few years. He loved the set, mostly for the vehicles for the first few months, then directing his onlookers on how he wanted the pieces put together. When he turned four, he was elated to find he could begin to put all but the smallest pieces together by himself.

His creations were rather limited, partly because many of the parts were similar, partly because he lacked the experience to recognize some of the parts as things that existed in the real world. When we got him the Tower of ROK Mania, that all changed. His father and I built the standard layout for him while he mostly watched. However, when he saw the elevator lift the balls to the top of the tower where they then flowed into the two different chutes, blue into one, red into the other, something clicked.

From that moment on, he began to create more elaborate layouts. He starts with what he calls his "payroll office", and begins adding to it. His latest creation, at age 7, fills the playroom over our garage. It started with his "payroll office" with a desk, chair and obligatory sign, all the parts of the Tower of ROK Mania, and an extensive monorail track (with switches, of course), and all the remaining Rokenbok parts for which he could find a use.

The Tower of ROK Mania appears to have "unlocked" my grandson's interest in doing more than just "playing" with his toys. His interest in creating things has expanded to include other toys that he can "assemble" to make a creation of his own design and even has him writing stories about his creations and things that interest him.

The Rokenbok has been an enticement for my grandson and his younger sister for nearly 5 years, with the first request when they arrive generally being, "Can we play upstairs?". Of course, "upstairs" is where the Rokenbok remains set up, waiting for them.

The Rokenbok parts are extremely well-designed. From age 3 to his current 8 years, my grandson and his sister have treated the vehicles, the elevators, the conveyors, beams, chutes, etc. extremely roughly, and in ways in which we did not expect them to survive. It is a tribute to the Rokenbok designers that every item has survived unscathed, except for the snap ends of three beams; adult stepped on one, kid stepped on another, and a kid fell on the third one. The batteries last for unbelievably long times; after nearly five years, we are on our third set of batteries!!

Way to go, Rokenbok!! The greatest toy we have seen for developing young minds!!

Get Rokn Young Action Set


One word - Awesome! My son is 6 years old and loves trucks and heavy construction equipment. We have been visiting granite quarries since he was born to watch the trucks and other construction vehicles move granite around. When he received this set - it was an instant hit. The dump truck hauls and dumps like the real thing. The lights, engine sound, and back up siren are awesome. He loves driving the truck back and forth picking up the rok balls and driving them back to the conveyor belt. The instructions were so clear and easy to read, he built everything himself. He loves the trailer that hooks up to the dump truck and he seems to come up with different designs daily. The wireless controller works great and allows him to move around freely all over the house. The quality is outstanding and he spends hours playing with it every day. Great product! Keep up the great design work and innovation. Looking forward to many more years of fun and creativity!

What a great set for older AND younger kids!


I got this set my seven and two year old boys and they absolutely LOVE it! The older loves to play with the RC set constantly loading and unloading the blue and red balls pretending he's at the recycling plant. Although the two year loves to watch his older brother he also loves to drive the truck... mostly in a circle though. Haha. What I love the most about this set is that it also came with a set of Rok Blocks that the two year old loves to play with. He loves that fact that he can actually take apart and put together the pieces. Although I have made the airplane and the truck and the other suggested configurations in the instruction manual the two year old is just as happy making a straight tower and just takes pride that he built it on his own. Almost every night I tugged over to the play corner where he proudly tells me "See that! I did it!". Great product. Very durable and great for replayability. Will definitely be buying more to add onto this set.

Rokenboking for over 13 years!


"I originally bought several Rokenbok sets in 1997 for my youngest son, then age 6. The sets were used on a daily basis by all three of my sons and many of their friends and my husband and I were impressed with the quality of the building materials and vehicles. Eventually the sets were packed up until I recently got everything out for my 4 year old granddaughter and ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING worked perfectly. My oldest son, now 31, and his daughter had a great time with the old sets and my recent order is a Christmas present so they can expand and update. I thought the starter set would allow my granddaughter to work independently while my son sets up the more complex pieces. He was thrilled to see the Rokenbok again and has to agree to share with his two brothers when they visit. Your products are excellent. . . Now that I've found the website, which I have shared with my sons, we will continue to order additional sets.
Thank you for your innovation and attention to quality,"

Dr. Linda Strout

A Toy to Learn and Grow


I was amazed how fast my son could pick up the controller and play. The ease of use for little ones is very good. The hand eye coordination this teaches will for sure help him in the future. This is such a fun toy for parents to pick up and play too! Because the configuration can be changed it can be adapted to different rooms and play areas. What a great to that will last through the years!!!!!

Excellent product!


My 5 year old son Jonah received the Get Rok'n Young Builder & Action Set a few weeks ago. From the moment we pulled it out of the box, we knew we'd love it. Set up was quick and easy thanks to the large, full-color illustrations. He was playing within minutes, and has played with it for many hours so far. The controller is easy to use but "it doesn't feel babyish", according to Jonah. I asked Jonah what he liked about it and he said "the conveyor belt because it can sort the balls" and "trucks because you can pull trailers". Also, "you can add different things." Indeed, you can add different things, as this set is compatible with the Rokenbok sets made for older children. Years from now, Jonah will probably still be using the pieces from this set in conjunction with other Rokenbok sets. The Get Rok'n Young Builder & Action Set has also been a hit with Jonah's 5 year old cousin Isabella. She said "it's cool" and asks to play with it every time she visits. Our 7 and 9 year old neighbors have been over to use it as well, and 7 year old Justin even says he wants one. I knew Jonah would love this toy, but I was pleasantly surprised how much his father and I love it, too. With Rokenbok's Lifetime Guarantee, as well as compatibility with their other products, I feel this toy is a great investment for any family.

A very educational and exciting toy


My son and I couldn't wait to get the Young builder action set in the mail. The minute we recieved this in the mail my son couldn't wait to set it up. I found the new wireless controllers very appropriate for the 3+ year old range, as my son (who is 3), had a hard time with the original Rokenbok setup and required me to do all the work. My son can now set up the whole set by himself. He's getting the hang of driving and the tightness of the controls make the dump truck turn on a dime. The sounds that come from the dump truck are a nice added feature and he loves them. Great job Rokenbok.

Great fun!


We've been collecting Rokenbok for years and we just bought this set as a gift for my nephew's 4th birthday. He loves Bob the Builder and Cars so I though a real working remote control dump truck and construction system would be perfect for him. His eyes lit up when he saw the packaging. The rest of the party all he wanted to do was drive it around! That was about 2 months ago and my sister says he still plays with it everyday.

A Really Cool Toy


Have you ever seen a toy that your whole family wants to play with? I hadn't! Not until I reviewed these sets from Rokenbok. My 3 yr old, my 6 yr old twins, my 9 yr old, myself, and the hubs have ALL been having fun building! Now I don't know about you, but when I find something that can entertain our entire family, I get excited! Rokenbok consists of ROK Blocks, Classic RC machines, and Complete Action Sets. Rokenbok lets the children (and adults) build their own ideas. Or if you're out of your own ideas, visit the Hard Hat Area for some inspiration! When the building is complete that's when the play begins! The Get ROK'n Young Builder and Action Set is by far the favorite among my boys. This is the toy they keep returning to over and over and over.

This set includes the super cool Dump Truck with the ROK Star Controller, 2 little men, a Motorized Conveyor with chutes for sorting, red and blue balls to sort and several ROK Blocks to build with. The boys just love how easy it is to set up (and I love that it's easy to put away!). They fill the Dump Truck with the ROK balls take it over to the conveyor and dump them in. The Conveyor comes to life instantly, the green chutes sort them into the loading dock, where they can easily steer the Dump Truck with the controller over for another pick up. The Dump Truck can load facing forwards or backwards making it super easy for little guys. Another nice touch is that the Dump Truck has lights and makes a beeping noise when backing up. The boys really got a kick out of it! Read the full review.

Great first set!


I bought this set for my younger child of 4. He had no problem getting the dump truck to do its thing right away. I actually had to pry him away the first day! He also loves the ease of the controller. It find it so rewarding to spend more time with my kids because I wanna play with these toys as well. I highly recommend this set!

A four-yearl-old's dream toy!


I never would have guessed that our four-year-old son would be so good at operating this remote control set. There are lots of buttons and features in the remote, but he seems to understand it all. He loves to make custom trailers with the blocks that are included, and likes to make airplanes to tow with the dump truck too. His little sister is mesmerized by the conveyor. She loves to pour balls in and watch it start up by itself. Rokenbok is a home-run at our house, and we are likely to add to our collection during the holidays.

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