Machine Lovers Bundle!

Machine Lovers Bundle!
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Perfect for all Machine Lovers!

Features 3 Machines & 3 Control Pads!

Your Machine Lovers Bundle includes:

The ROK Works Construction & Action Set, the GET ROK'n Young Builder & Action Set, the Power Sweeper Value Pack, ROK Balls.

  • These 3 sets feature 3 interactive machines & three control pads: Loader vehicle, Dump Truck vehicle, Power Sweeper vehicle, and 2 Automatic Conveyors
  • All machines are easy to drive and have lots of features and functions to explore as driving skills grow
  • Lifetime guarantee on ROK Star Controllers and building pieces

Start the entire family off with the ultimate adventure so everyone in the family can join in building, driving, and creating the ultimate Rokenbok adventure! Watch your children work together to scoop ROK balls with the Loader and dump them into the Automatic Conveyors.

ROK Works Constructin & Action Set Quick Facts:

  • Two interactive machines: Loader Vehicle & Automatic Conveyor
  • One ROK Star Controller
  • Sorting Chute System
  • Loading Docks
  • Large capacity ROK storage quarry
  • Detailed plan sheet with building instructions
  • Over 141 pieces

Package size: 16.75" x 15.25" x 5.25"  Weight: 6.5 lbs.

Requires 9 AA batteries (not included).

GET ROK'n Young Builder & Action Set Quick Facts:

  • Two interactive machines: Dump Truck vehicle & Automatic Conveyor
  • One ROK Star Controller
  • Sorting chute system
  • Loading docks
  • ROK Blocks
  • Detailed plan sheet with building instructions
  • Over 72 building pieces

Package size: 16.75" x 12" x 5.25"  Weight:5 lbs.

Requires 9 AA batteries (not included).

Power Sweeper Value Pack Quick Facts:

  • Power Sweeper vehicle
  • FREE ROK Star Controller
  • ROK balls
  • 23 pieces

Package size: 8.75" x 7.25" x 5"  Weight: 2.5 lbs.

Requires 6 AA batteries (not included).

ROK Balls Quick Facts: 

  • 50 large blue ROK's 
  • 50 small red ROK's

Package size: 8.5" x 3.5" x 2"  Weight: .5 lbs.



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Learning Benefits

  • Teaches Critical Thinking
  • Hones Fine Motor Skills
  • Develops Spatial Thinking
  • Introduces Simple Machines
  • Teaches Cause and Effect

What's In The Box

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ROK Works Construction & Action Set

ROK Works Construction & Action Set - What's in the box


Get ROK'n Young Builder & Action Set

Get ROK'n Young Builder & Action Set - What's in the box


Power Sweeper Value Pack

Power Sweeper Value Pack - What's in the box


Tower of ROK Mania

Tower of ROK Mania - What's in the box


ROK Balls

ROK Balls - What's in the box

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These toys are like a secret gem


These toys are like a secret gem. I felt like we got so lucky to run across these toys on the Internet. I have never seen them in stores and they blow Legos and Erector sets out of the water. They provide hours of imaginative play for my two children who are a boy and a girl and spaced far apart in age 4 and 8. There aren't many toys that I have found that span ages and gender. This is the toy that my son and daughter keep asking for more of and I plan to extend his set for years.

Building is Fun with ROK Blocks


The Deluxe ROK Blocks are awesome for my preschooler. She loves to build her own creations as well as follow the guides to make the airplane and more. The ROK Blocks are the perfect size for young kids, too big to put in your mouth but small enough to easily handle. They snap together easily and provide hours of entertainment. Building 3-dimensional models is a great way to have fun with the whole family!

ROK Works is So Much Fun


This construction site set was an automatic hit with my kids. It's amazing how easily they learned to control the Loader with the remote. The remote control's large size and prominent buttons made it easy for their small hands to grasp and in no time they were driving, scooping and dumping. The kids were mesmerized by the automatic conveyor and watched in awe as it flawlessly sorted the red balls from the blue balls. As a mom, I'm a fan of the ball storage bin, which gives my kids an easy place to put the balls when not in use. This is a great starter set for any kids Rokenbok world!

Daughter LOVES them & that is saying quite a bit


Our 4 year old daughter has NEVER liked building. We have Connectagons, Lego, Duplo, plan toys & Shure wooden blocks, etc. None have ever struck her fancy. Lo and behold, Rokenbok comes along and rocks her world. We now have 3 preschool sets, 1 garage, curved beams small and large. She plays with her builds non stop! We are so excited for her! Would definitely recommend them!!!



1. Just read the other reviews to learn about how cool this vehicle is. The other reviewers have said it all.
2. Addition: the controller is a great size for my 4 year old's hands. It works wonderfully: simple and responsive.

Power Sweeper Value Pack


This is the most amazing product I have ever seen. My grandson was so excited when I told him I had ordered the Power Sweeper. He has watched it many times on the computer but when it arrived, it was like it was Christmas. It is so well made and so easy for a 6 year old autistic ADHD child to handle. He figured it out all by himself. What is so cool is that it dumps from the back and also from the front. What a cleaver idea. He loves to watch the bed of the sweeper fill up with balls. I am amazed that this is such a well built machine and I don't really see anything on it that a kid could break. Your products are amazing and this Sweeper is a hit and recommend it for all kids and adults.

ROK Blocks


My Grandson loves this blocks He was so excited when it came in the mail. What is so unique is the different sizes and he is autistic and spend much time sorting them and he does a wonderful job. We have 50 of each color and to him, that is not enough. They are well made and he noticed the difference in the sizes right away. They are so easy to clean up also. I thought they would be larger than they are when looking on the computer, but they are a great size.

RoK Works Construction & Action Set


A Christmas gift for my special-needs son that's a lifesaver! Thank you Rokenbok for wonderful toys that also inspire imagination & creativity-along with the fun. My son engages all of us to "drive" and work on different scenarios. Being an outside-of-the-box thinker, he also uses the trucks to whisk away socks left on the floor, transport action figures, and herd family pets. Truly, such a great option instead of TV or PC; he can play with this set for hours and needs to be coaxed to dinner! When he's having a tough day, it's Rokenbok to the rescue!

My 7 year old grandson loves


My 7 year old grandson loves it! We have many of the "old style" vehicles with cords, etc. Since I am retired and on a fixed income, I can't possibly replace them with the new models. But I would work out a way to finance a comprehensive "converter package" so they could all be used together, if such a thing were available. Any possibility of that?

Power Sweeper


When upgrading to the Rokstar system we thought the Power Sweeper would be a great place to start. The working taillights are a favorite in our house, and the added siren and horn on the Rokstar controllers are a new favorite. The warehouse set the RC Forklift comes in is also very popular. Overall our experience with the new Power Sweeper and Warehouse have been fantastic. As always the quality of all components is outstanding as well. We love the Power Sweeper and the new Rokstar system!!

Get ROK'n Young Builder & Action Set is Awesome!


I absolutely adore my new Get ROK'n Young Builder & Action Set! I've been a Rokenboker for over 5 years, and I'm used to the Radio Controlled vehicles. I've always disliked the wires everywhere, and having to move the control pad if my vehicle goes too far from the pad. I was a bit unsure of what it would be like to have 2 "systems" functioning at the same time, but as always, Rokenbok, you've done it again! I love the new Rok Star system! It really makes playing with Rokenbok a lot more fun. I'm usually down in the basement, playing with my Rokenbok, for 1, 2, even 3 hours! Rokenbok Roks!

Heirloom Quality Toy


I am passionate about finding toys that will last a lifetime. At first blush, Rokenbok may be at the top of my list. I am 36 years old and my son is 8. My wife and I were a little hesitant about buying Rokenbok for my son because he has shown little interest to-date in construction/ building toys. I have to say, he is over the moon and totally obsessed like I have never seen him before. Honestly, I have a hard time tearing myself away. It's an addictively fun "toy". I feel bad describing Rokenbok as a toy, because it has proved to be a great learning opportunity for my son and for my daughter who is 6.

My son is a sports nut and my daughter is the creative one. Together they have created some pretty incredibly complex sets that meet my son’s need for the opportunity to bash and crash and my daughter’s need for symmetry and design. We bought a few sets and have recently picked up some add-ons and spare parts, so the possibilities are truly endless. They love getting on YouTube and comparing their creations to those that have been uploaded by fellow modelers. I do not usually write reviews, but this was such a great find and surprise for us that I wanted to take the opportunity to share it with other parents. Board games have a hard time holding my kid’s interest and I feel most video games do not have the ability to challenge their creativity. This is a 21st century board game and a real-to-life video game.

In addition to Rokenbok’s quality, learning opportunities and pure fun, I have personally experienced Rokenbok’s top shelf customer service. We had a few minor issues with our set unrelated to quality and I reached out through the website to customer service. I am not kidding when I say I received a personal response and offer of resolution within five minutes. They have really impressed me and clearly value their customers and the feedback they provide. I have had a great experience all-around and could not be more thrilled to be a promoter for such a great company.

Cheers to Rokenbok and a genuine thank you for your product and your customer service.

- The Johnson’s

This toy is a great companion to other sets


We purchased this toy as a companion to one of the Complete Action Sets. We find that cleanup is no longer a chore, but is instead another opportunity to learn hand-eye coordination and become rok-stars on our controllers. Thanks RokenBok!!!

Great for the whole family


As soon as the set arrived, my 4 year old son and I started playing, and we continued to play in our free time for a week straight! When we arrived home from our vacation and his sisters got to use it, it was another week before any other toy in the house was used. We will continue to collect these marvelous toys. Thanks for a great toy!

Best blocks on the market!


I looked at all other blocks and chose these. Why? Because the educational value is top notch and they are lots of fun. With other blocks you are either locked into a specific design, you end up building lots of walls and towers, or you cannot expand your set as your child grows. With ROK Blocks, you are only limited by your imagination. Since having these over the past month, my 3.5yr old son and I have built trucks, a fork-lift, a variety of airplanes, garage, tower and some creations that my son created by himself. It’s exciting for me to see his creations and how he is starting to understand that this isn’t your typical block set.

What I like:
1) As an engineer myself, I really like this set because I can teach my son a lot of different mechanical concepts and as he grows the set can grow into more complex systems.
2) Develops creativity - only limited by your imagination.
3) Develops fine motor skills. The pieces come in different shapes and sizes - including pieces that rotate or swivel - requires my son to learn how to assemble them together.
4) The models are sturdy - don't fall apart easily when playing with them.

What I would like to see improved:
1) Some of the smaller pieces are difficult to assemble - even for me. Perhaps it’s only my set or over time and some wear, some of these pieces will be easier to snap into place.
2) I would like to have seen a pulley in the set and a few more of the large red angled blocks to make a giant wheel. The set does come with smaller wheels but to make a giant wheel you need 6 more red angled blocks in the set (I just purchased another deluxe set to expand the possibilities).

Overall, I am very pleased with the educational value and enjoyment my son gets from these blocks. I highly recommend them.

Most Innovative Toys


Back in 1997 I was working at Pixar Animation Studios. Having worked on Toy Story 2 I was deeply involved in analyzing what made toys "fun". I remembered a great toy as a child called "Vertibird", it was a mechanical helicopter toy that flew around a base. As a child I learned about many things studying how that toy worked. Flash forward to 1997 and I absolutely fell in love with the mechanical lessons and high quality craftsmanship in Rokenbok. I became a very vocal proponent and fan of Rokenbok while at Pixar. Flash forward now 14 years and I suddenly am breaking it out to play with my 3 yr old son. I still am amazed at this toy and remain very impressed. I can't recommend Rokenbok enough.

The Power Sweeper Roks!!


My 4 and 6 year old love Rokenbok.

This Sweeper makes "cleanup" so easy and fun. My kids love "running over and sucking up" the balls. My kids do not realize they are even helping clean up. Additionally, they do not realize they are learning while playing with their Rokenbok set. Their parents love watching them play together - using teamwork, imagination, technical skills, etc. It is soooo much better than TV and video games :)

ROK'n Young Builder Set


My grandson doesn't play with his Rokenbok... he creates!! We got his first set for his 3rd Christmas, unsure of whether he would be too young to use it for a few years. He loved the set, mostly for the vehicles for the first few months, then directing his onlookers on how he wanted the pieces put together. When he turned four, he was elated to find he could begin to put all but the smallest pieces together by himself.

His creations were rather limited, partly because many of the parts were similar, partly because he lacked the experience to recognize some of the parts as things that existed in the real world. When we got him the Tower of ROK Mania, that all changed. His father and I built the standard layout for him while he mostly watched. However, when he saw the elevator lift the balls to the top of the tower where they then flowed into the two different chutes, blue into one, red into the other, something clicked.

From that moment on, he began to create more elaborate layouts. He starts with what he calls his "payroll office", and begins adding to it. His latest creation, at age 7, fills the playroom over our garage. It started with his "payroll office" with a desk, chair and obligatory sign, all the parts of the Tower of ROK Mania, and an extensive monorail track (with switches, of course), and all the remaining Rokenbok parts for which he could find a use.

The Tower of ROK Mania appears to have "unlocked" my grandson's interest in doing more than just "playing" with his toys. His interest in creating things has expanded to include other toys that he can "assemble" to make a creation of his own design and even has him writing stories about his creations and things that interest him.

The Rokenbok has been an enticement for my grandson and his younger sister for nearly 5 years, with the first request when they arrive generally being, "Can we play upstairs?". Of course, "upstairs" is where the Rokenbok remains set up, waiting for them.

The Rokenbok parts are extremely well-designed. From age 3 to his current 8 years, my grandson and his sister have treated the vehicles, the elevators, the conveyors, beams, chutes, etc. extremely roughly, and in ways in which we did not expect them to survive. It is a tribute to the Rokenbok designers that every item has survived unscathed, except for the snap ends of three beams; adult stepped on one, kid stepped on another, and a kid fell on the third one. The batteries last for unbelievably long times; after nearly five years, we are on our third set of batteries!!

Way to go, Rokenbok!! The greatest toy we have seen for developing young minds!!

Rokenbok is awesome, our son loves it


My wife and I bought the Rokenbok Construction set for our son and he has played with it every since. The Construction Set is a great place to start when purchasing the Rokenbok system, I can truly say the we both have gotten hours and hours of enjoyment and it is a great way to share time. The building blocks are very kid friendly and our son enjoys creating new layouts and combining various sets together. If asked, I would highly recommend Rokenbok.

Excellent for ALL ages!!


My daughter received the Rokenbok Rok Works Construction & Action Set for her 2ND birthday!! With a little help from my adult child (My husband!) They built a wonderful masterpiece and spent hours playing with it!

We've used Rokenbok toys as EDUCATIONAL!! My daughter, who is 2, likes to count the ROKS and sort them by color in the dump truck and drive it around! I cannot wait until she get's older because she will then benefit from the creativity and imagination! But right now, she's learning her colors, shapes and how to sort...AND DRIVE ;)

Rokenbok makes the most AMAZING toys! We are no longer getting any of our children legos, mega blocks or duplos because Rokenbok BLOWS them out of the water! And they are DURABLE!!!

Rokenbok Roks!! Kids learn and enjoy playing together!


Rokenbok has definately been the best gift that we have given our family (ages 4,6, 33, and 45 :). It is educational, but they can't tell they are learning (which is perfect!). My daughter was so excited to get a female operator!

EVERYone loves to play with it together. The older neighbor kids beg to come over to play with it. My extended family wants to have big get-togethers at our house... so they (adults, teens, and kids) can play together. It is a great toy to not just play alone but also to learn (and enjoy) playing TOGETHER.

I would highly recommend!

I am Amazed with the Variety of Things My Kids Create!


Our first exposure to the wonderful world of Rokenbok,began 5 years ago when our oldest child was three. We wandered into what became our favorite toy store, they had a Rokenbok interactive display. It was the ROK Works Construction & Action Set that puts you in control of cool little vehicles.

You can move the balls from one contraption to another, what fun! My husband and I had never seen anything like it. We both agreed we would love to have one when we were kids. We purchased our son's first set just a year later and WOW was it a hit. It helps with fine and gross motor skills, allows kids to be creative and inventive.

Since then we have purchased several ROK block sets. I am constantly amazed at what my boys can create! These are better than other interlocking blocks because they are so much more verstaile. Their imaginations have an outlet with these.

We always give Rokenbok as gifts too, we love all their products. They are also durable and have stood the test of time with 3 very busy little boys.

my son also loves these


my son also loves these blocks.

Best toy ever.


Rokenbok is a toy that just makes sense. Delivering Roks with RC construction vehicles, as a concept, is genius, and Rokenbok has carried out that concept to perfection.

This Rok Works set is a great introduction to the Rok Star control system. At first I was unsure how an infrared control scheme would work in the Rokenbok world. But now that I have actually tried it, it makes a world of difference. The vehicles never go out of range, the completely wireless remote, no radio keys or radio base station, no more scrolling through numbers to get to the car you want. It's great.

Also, the vehicles seem to work much better with driving. The motors seem stronger and faster, yet quieter. And best of all, they work great regardless of battery voltage. So now I can use my 1.2 volt rechargeable batteries with no side effects. With the RF cars, you needed 1.5 volt batteries to get the needed power to turn the vehicles. They were slow and weak when using the 1.2 volt rechargables, even if the batteries had 2000+ mA to offer.

This is just a great system. It works very well and does a great job at getting you started with Rokenbok, adding to a Rok Star system, or adding a Rok Star system to an existing radio-control setup.

Thank you Rokenbok, for a great toy.

Rokenbock Sets


I've been using Rokenbok sets since I was in 6th grade, and I love them. I work at a summer camp where we glue Lego pegs to the sides of the cars and our campers can build onto the cars and design their own robots to complete challenges on the battle arenas we design with the Rokenbok sets. These have been such an invaluable tool, allowing us to make elevators, spinning wheels of doom, and gauntlet challenges. The Rokenbok sets realy are building blocks for so much creativity and innovation. They're so easy to use and durable/kid-friendly that I don't know how we'd run our classes without them!

Great new power sweeper


My 6 yr.old son loves this new sweeper with the ROK Star Controller. This sweeper handles with ease and operates very smoothly. It is a great addition to any Rokenbok set.
Christine, the Rokenbok rep., was very helpful and accommodating to me in finding just what I needed.
I love Rokenbok. It provides my son with endless hours of enjoyment.
Thanks you,

So Much Fun for EVERYONE!


These Rokenbok vehicles are the best and what I LOVE about this set is that the Rok Star Controller is included! We have four boys ages 9, 7, 7, and 2 and they all love Rokenboks. With the Rok Star Controller, nobody ever feels left out because you can use more than one and they do not interfere with each other! They make it so easy to include everyone in the fun! We like having races with the Power Sweeper and the Dump Truck to pick up all sorts of balls! Also, I am a teacher and really feel like the Rokenbok toys are educational, as well as, fun! I love watching my boys design different buildings of their own in addition to the buildings that the sets are designed for. At first I thought that the Rokenboks would only be for my older children, but I was proven wrong. My 2-year-old likes the Power Sweeper just as much as the 9-year-old. Oh, and did I mention their father? I cannot get my husband away from these things. He has so much fun playing with the boys!

Sizable fun!


My daughter and I had a blast building the Rokenbok truck together.  As you might imagine, it can be hard to pull away a little girl from her "princess" toys, but the bright colors and overall size of the pieces immediately caught her attention.  Furthermore, because the pieces are easy to handle, she was able to quickly link the different pieces together (with a little guidance from dad of course - she's only 3 years old). Though, without a doubt the best part was the SIZE of the finished truck - it was big enough to allow her to run along side and push it back and forth down the hallway.

I'm aware of the benefits of construction toys in children's development and have found a great way to get my daughter to love it.  Thank you!

My five year old twins love this set!!!


My five year old son can build with regular Rokenboks but he still loves this Rok Block set.
It allows him to be more creative with his vehicle building instead of just buildings. My five year old daughter loves to drive the trucks but didn't build until we got this set. Now she loves to build race cars and such. These are much easier to snap together and take apart and are age appropriate for the beginner level. This is a great set to get your little one started or just to add some color to your collection. I just built a trebuchet for a challenge on the Rokenbok forum and used these blocks for counterweights. They are very versatile and interchangable with regular Rokenboks.

ROK Works Review


I recently purchased my first ROK Star construction set. The ROK Star Loader and ROK Star Controller are sturdy and well designed. After setting it up and making sure that everything was working I handed the controller over to my three year old. Within about five minutes he had figured out the controls and was following the loader around the room honking the horn and blowing the siren. I really like the totally wireless design, there are no power cords to trip over, and it without the command deck, no limit to how far you can stretch your imagination building new ROK worlds for young and older minds to explore.

Great start for RokenBok!


This set may say pre-school, and it is great for little kids, but it's fun for big kids (or big kids at heart!) too! It makes a good start to see how much you like the methods of building, and, unlike lego Duplos, these sets can be used with the entire line of RokenBok construction toys.


We love rokenbok toys. We have many, many sets. We just received the latest wireless controler and we looooooove it! We've been eagerly awaiting this update. Our kids and we play for hours together. Our favorite thing is to build new set ups and think of new things for the machines to do. We have wonderful memories with our boys and rokenbok, it will always be a part of our family. Thanks for this one of a kind toy.

Great for Everything Rokenbok and everyone


At first when I recieved this set I thought I would pass it down to my younger brother after a few uses. I was completely wrong. I love this set. I have already built a pyramid, airplane, helicopter, truck, car engine, box, a container to hold my extra pieces, and a tripod for my camera, and I still haven't even had the set for 2 days yet! This set is a must have for all Rokenbokers. I would highly reccomend it.

Get Rokn Young Action Set


One word - Awesome! My son is 6 years old and loves trucks and heavy construction equipment. We have been visiting granite quarries since he was born to watch the trucks and other construction vehicles move granite around. When he received this set - it was an instant hit. The dump truck hauls and dumps like the real thing. The lights, engine sound, and back up siren are awesome. He loves driving the truck back and forth picking up the rok balls and driving them back to the conveyor belt. The instructions were so clear and easy to read, he built everything himself. He loves the trailer that hooks up to the dump truck and he seems to come up with different designs daily. The wireless controller works great and allows him to move around freely all over the house. The quality is outstanding and he spends hours playing with it every day. Great product! Keep up the great design work and innovation. Looking forward to many more years of fun and creativity!

Blocks great for all ages


Our family has several of the classic sets. We wanted to add the blocks to our collection for our younger kids. We were hoping the blocks would allow our 4 year old to free build on his own. The Deluxe ROK Blocks have been a huge hit. Our 4 year old is able to build his ideas quickly and with greater confidence. Our 7 year old likes that the blocks can be used with his other sets. Our entire family was impressed with how quickly creations came together and stayed together. Great creative toy for all ages!

What a great set for older AND younger kids!


I got this set my seven and two year old boys and they absolutely LOVE it! The older loves to play with the RC set constantly loading and unloading the blue and red balls pretending he's at the recycling plant. Although the two year loves to watch his older brother he also loves to drive the truck... mostly in a circle though. Haha. What I love the most about this set is that it also came with a set of Rok Blocks that the two year old loves to play with. He loves that fact that he can actually take apart and put together the pieces. Although I have made the airplane and the truck and the other suggested configurations in the instruction manual the two year old is just as happy making a straight tower and just takes pride that he built it on his own. Almost every night I tugged over to the play corner where he proudly tells me "See that! I did it!". Great product. Very durable and great for replayability. Will definitely be buying more to add onto this set.

ROK-en my World !!

We have been ROK-ers since my kids were young... they are now out of school and on their own. This is by far one of the best toys ever... it transcends boys, girls, young, old, creative, passive, active ... does not matter you will love playing with this. We just got our first ROK Star set and it is awesome ! We have setup a complete room at my nephews house with our ROK World. Already bought 2 more ROK Star vehicles to go with it, great now we can have up to 7 playing at the same time. Even better since we purchased some more of beams and ramps then started creating... everytime the kids play (kids are from 8 - 50+ yrs old) they end up modifying the world in some way. I can't even tell you which is my favorite the Dump truck, Sweeper or Forklift... great fun to use the fork lift on rescue missions to right the others that may have tipped over. We also have the Crane, Elevators and many other vehicles.
By the way the Fork Lift is the King of the Battle Arena... enter the Arena with Forky and you are going over the edge !
Just get the starter set ... you will NOT be disappointed. Only problem will be you will instantly crave more vehicles, controllers and building stuff.
It works great with Legos as well, scale is about the same and great fun to mix and match in your ROK world.
This is the ultimate toy for creative play time and never gets old. My kids are out of the house now, but every time they come home, or my nephews, nieces and other friends kids come over they clamor for me to get out the Rokenbok. It is a purchase you will never get tired of or outgrow, I look forward to some day having grandkids over to play as well. Not just a parents best friend but also for Uncles, Aunts and Grandparents, get this to have have at the house for when family comes to visit.
Also the company is GREAT to work with, in past I've had a controller break and vehichle stop working, in each case one phone call and new ones are in the mail at no cost to me... Great American company to work with !
Now go ROK !!!

Rok-ON - Rokenbok


Wow, need a fantastic gift for you son or daughter or for a kid who loves to build? These ROK Blocks are a "must have" for those little builders that live under your roof. When my son who's 7 received the ROK Blocks for his birthday, he was really excited because he loves Rokenbok. So when he opened the box, he couldn't help but dig in and begin assembling the blocks to make the suggested examples of things you can build with the blocks. After he was done building, he began to build other items with the blocks and didn't put them down until bed time. I can't believe he is actually learning construction principles. The size and durability of the blocks are fantastic. I can't see any young builder damaging these blocks. It makes me think how cool it would of been to have had these blocks when I was a kid. These blocks ROK.

Rokenboking for over 13 years!

"I originally bought several Rokenbok sets in 1997 for my youngest son, then age 6. The sets were used on a daily basis by all three of my sons and many of their friends and my husband and I were impressed with the quality of the building materials and vehicles. Eventually the sets were packed up until I recently got everything out for my 4 year old granddaughter and ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING worked perfectly. My oldest son, now 31, and his daughter had a great time with the old sets and my recent order is a Christmas present so they can expand and update. I thought the starter set would allow my granddaughter to work independently while my son sets up the more complex pieces. He was thrilled to see the Rokenbok again and has to agree to share with his two brothers when they visit. Your products are excellent. . . Now that I've found the website, which I have shared with my sons, we will continue to order additional sets.
Thank you for your innovation and attention to quality,"

Dr. Linda Strout

Rokenboking for over 13 years!


"I originally bought several Rokenbok sets in 1997 for my youngest son, then age 6. The sets were used on a daily basis by all three of my sons and many of their friends and my husband and I were impressed with the quality of the building materials and vehicles. Eventually the sets were packed up until I recently got everything out for my 4 year old granddaughter and ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING worked perfectly. My oldest son, now 31, and his daughter had a great time with the old sets and my recent order is a Christmas present so they can expand and update. I thought the starter set would allow my granddaughter to work independently while my son sets up the more complex pieces. He was thrilled to see the Rokenbok again and has to agree to share with his two brothers when they visit. Your products are excellent. . . Now that I've found the website, which I have shared with my sons, we will continue to order additional sets.
Thank you for your innovation and attention to quality,"

Dr. Linda Strout

Rokenboking for over 13 years!


"I originally bought several Rokenbok sets in 1997 for my youngest son, then age 6. The sets were used on a daily basis by all three of my sons and many of their friends and my husband and I were impressed with the quality of the building materials and vehicles. Eventually the sets were packed up until I recently got everything out for my 4 year old granddaughter and ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING worked perfectly. My oldest son, now 31, and his daughter had a great time with the old sets and my recent order is a Christmas present so they can expand and update. I thought the starter set would allow my granddaughter to work independently while my son sets up the more complex pieces. He was thrilled to see the Rokenbok again and has to agree to share with his two brothers when they visit. Your products are excellent. . . Now that I've found the website, which I have shared with my sons, we will continue to order additional sets.
Thank you for your innovation and attention to quality,"

Dr. Linda Strout

A Toy to Learn and Grow


I was amazed how fast my son could pick up the controller and play. The ease of use for little ones is very good. The hand eye coordination this teaches will for sure help him in the future. This is such a fun toy for parents to pick up and play too! Because the configuration can be changed it can be adapted to different rooms and play areas. What a great to that will last through the years!!!!!

An Excellent Birthday and Christmas Gift


From a mom’s perspective, I think that the idea of a child being able to make many different things from the same set of blocks allows them to think “critically”. Critical thinking is one characteristic that I feel is lacking in our children nowadays and it is very important that a child be able to think through situations in order to come up with the best result. This is useful with standardize testing and with everyday life situations. Read the full review.

Family toys that grow along with your child.


OK~ I will admit I knew nothing about Rokenbok Toys when I was approached about reviewing a couple of their awesome toys. When I received these two toys~ Wow! Time to dig in and check 'em out! A winning toy company with more than 50 toy awards! These toys rock! Let me tell you- my 4 year old nephew absolutely loved these toys. They are not only fun, but educational. He, with his parents, and my 15 year old son, have spent hours assembling, playing, and enjoying these toys! The cleverness of this product is the fact that kids don't even realize they are learning, while they are playing! Read the full review.

Rokenbok really does ROK!


Wow! I was recently sent the Rok Works Construction & Action Set to review. This is an amazing toy that appeals to all ages but carries a hefty price tag. It is ideal for boys between the ages of 5 – 14. I had not heard of Rokenbok so I knew nothing about the toy I was pulling out of the box. My 5 and 3 year old sons were giddy with anticipation to assemble the “lego” type pieces into a fully-functioning construction work zone which includes an automatic conveyor with chutes and dispensers for sorting and delivering the different colored ROKS. I later learned that the building pieces are actually called ROK Blocks which stay locked into place even during a rough work day at the “Rok Works Processing Plant” Read the full review.

NJ - Macaroni Kid Review


One of the favorites for building toys this year is Rokenbok. These fantastic building sets really had me impressed.  Built to withstand the boys that are playing with them, these sturdy sets provide hours of fun and action. Remote controlled features add to the imaginative play.  These are perfect for the holidays, and highly recommended! Read the full review.

For those about to ROK!


My son’s and I have had a long history with construction toys. From building blocks to model trains, tool belts to cardboard box forts my boys love to build and pretend. Then I found Rokenbok. I knew that if my inner child was screaming “WANT!!!”, my boys were going to love it too!

As we opened the ROK Works Construction & Action Set together, my boy’s faces were excited and filled with wonder. I knew our afternoon was booked when my 2 year old immediately grabbed the red and blue “Roks” and my 7 year old asking if it needed batteries with the Loader in his hands. What surprised me was while my 7 year old and I were setting up the construction site, my 2 year old was beside me snapping girders together just as fast as we were!

The IR controller was very intuitive for both my boys to pick up. Point, shoot it with the red light, it beeps, and away they go. My 7 year old is dumping the “Roks” into the conveyor and my 2 year old is in awe as they’re lifted and sorted into their bins.

Then it was my 2 year old's chance to drive the loader and I immediately had second thoughts about setting it all up on the kitchen table when he drove the truck over the edge. I picked up the truck up off the floor dreading the moment when I tell them it’s broken already… and wow… not a scratch on it. It’s still driving away as my 2 year old keeps holding the button down with glee. This toy is one tough cookie!

It wasn’t long before we had the Power Sweeper and the Monorail set with enough controllers for both boys and dad to play along with too. Christmas this year is going to be easy with the Tower of ROK Mania, Inventor’s Tool Box and extra Rok Balls for stocking stuffers. I can’t wait! I mean… “we” can’t wait.

Rokenbok has completely blown us away as parents and has captivated both my boys. My wife loves that both the boys can play together at different skill levels with it. I love building and playing along with my boys and watching them plan and create their own construction sites. The boys love it because they’re driving it, building it, loading it, and can do it all themselves. Next up is our 4 month old girl and I know this toy is durable enough to still be around when she’s older and wants to play too!

Simply put, Rokenbok ROKS! This is a toy series that has it all!

New ROK Works Construction & Action Set


"Look Mom, now I can walk with it! Oh, It has Lights!", first comment my 7 yr old had when we opened the box. We have been Rokenbok fans for 2 yrs now. My son loves construction play, I "found" Rokenbok when searching for the perfect birthday gift for his 5th b-day. We had a busy night our first night with the NEW ROK Works Construction & Action Set. My son drove the Rokenbok Loader everywhere! He drove it to supper, brush his teeth, delivered notes to me via the Loader, and took it with him off to bed. The next morning he got up quickly, ready to play. We put the set together, actually I sat and held the instructions, but he built the whole set himself. He has added extra buildings, and had a great time with them. When he wanted to play something else, he built space ships out of ROK Blocks. He had a homework assignment to create a new way to use his spelling words, he used his ROK Blocks to build the letters. ROK Blocks are great toys, very sturdy, flexible in play, and kids play (my husband and nieces, 12 and 16 yrs old, enjoy playing too) and don't even realize the educational benefits they are getting. You get an awesome building set, and a really cool remote controlled machine. We love ROK's!

Rokenbok Did It Again


Rokenbok did it again another great set (Rok Works Construction & action set). This set is great my 7yr old son just got it and loves it. He told me it is better than any of his other toys. What I like about it is that the instruction are easy for him to understand he built the whole thing by himself. He has already taking it apart and built something else.

Rokenbok is one product that I can count on; if there was a problem they put a 150% in and solved it. You don't find that in any other company.

THANKS ROKENBOK for being a Great company.


Fun and Educational!


ROK Blocks are great toys that are well designed and educational. My two sons, age 3 and 7, play with it almost every day. Like legos, your kids will use it for years and years. Also like legos, there are an infinite number of configurations and designs that kids can make. They are durable and will last a long time. Our whole family enjoys playing with Rokenbok. The Rokenbok pre-school sets are great starter sets and are easy enough for a preschooler to assemble. Its an amazing play experience that will benefit my sons creativity and education!

Great Toy from a Great Company


My seven year-old son loves all things Rokenbok. He has had the full featured Rokenbok RC products for over 2 years now. Looking to extend the fun, we got the ROK Blocks Deluxe Preschool Building Set for my 4 year-old daughter. Though these preschool blocks are perfect for her age and she loves them, I find the seven year-old plays with them more. For anyone who likes to build this is a great toy. In fact my son wants them to be a permanent fixture with his other Rokenbok toys. The common design makes it very easy to integrate these toys across the Rokenbok product lines. Rest assured parents that as your child grows into the next Rokenbok level, the toys in this product line won’t become obsolete.

When I asked my son why he enjoyed playing with the blocks, he told me that he liked the fact that there are instructions explaining how to build certain things (an airplane for example). He went on to explain that if he thought about something else to build, he could use his imagination to make up his own design. The pieces are general enough that with the right imagination these blocks will keep a child entertained for quite some time. This is the way I remember building blocks when I was a kid. Now it seems the other building blocks companies spend a significant amount of time making complex designs and specialized pieces that once you finish building the first time, the toy has lost all appeal. After seeing all the finished products from our first box of ROK Blocks, I can assure you that this toy has not lost its appeal.

There is one last comment I want to make about the Rokenbok company. When I first purchased the RC toys for my son, I read quite a bit about how Rokenbok came up with their products. It was clear from the design of the “Roks,” the red and blue balls, that Rokenbok has always made thinking about the safety of toddlers one of their top priorities. I believe the addition of Rok blocks demonstrates that actually one of their top priories is to keep toddler safe AND entertained.

Deluxe Rok Blocks


According to my children, the deluxe Rok blocks set, "rocks!" With 10 children ages 4-19, I knew the deluxe Rok blocks set was sure to please atleast a few of them. We've been playing with Rokenbok products for over a year now and they just never get old. But what I didn't expect, is that the deluxe Rok blocks set would please them all. My younger kids were able to follow the directions and make a variety of different things including an airplane, a helicopter, and a truck. When they had finished making everything in the directions, they began making their own creations. Then, while the younger ones took a break, my older kids got ahold of them and began creating their own contraptions and creations by combining them with their other Rokenbok sets. Being a large family, we can collect alot of toys. Years ago I decided the toys we keep in our home had to be durable, pleasing to a variety of ages, co-operative, and had to cater to my children's creativity and imagination. Rokenbok toys meet every single one of these needs. Thank you Rokenbok!

ROK Works Construction and Action Set


5 Stars

This set awesome!!! I loved that my 8 year old built the entire set from the instructions that were provided. I didn't have to do anything!! My sons played with with this for hours. I have never seen them so consumed by a toy. It really is great!

My kids boys (ages 6 & 8) especially loved the new wireless remote. They enjoyed that they could use the laser, and stand across the room and control the RC Loader. They loved designing how to build the Rok blocks. My son Alex screamed, "I love is awesome!"


Another awesome set


My son literally danced with joy when he got this set for his 5th birthday. Assembly was simple enough for him to put it together himself, and complex enough for it to be a challenge. I love seeing him play with these sets because he is learning spatial relations, coordination, problem solving, and how to follow instructions. He got completely absorbed in putting it together and playing with it. The Loader vehicle one of his absolute favorites because of its versatility and features, and it is even more fun to use with the new ROK Star Controller. We highly recommend this set. Tons of fun.

Favorite vehicle


My son and I love this vehicle. It picks up balls on virtually any surface, giving the driver an important job and making it an ideal addition to our Rokenbok "fleet". The Sweeper is tremendously feature rich, which is great for keeping children interested and even Dad. Furthermore the new remote enables really quick and easy switching between vehicles, plus a whole new set of additional features such as horns, backup sounds, and tracking adjustment. This is a great toy and I highly recommend it.

Rokenbok ROCKS!

Rokenbok is awesome! I have 2 boys, age 7 and 9 and a girl age 3. They all play with it, as do my husband and I! We got our first starter set 3 years ago and have been adding to it ever since. The ROK Works Construction & Action Set is our first set with the new ROK Star Technology replacing the wire remotes with base. It is great - no more cords to get tangled up. This is definite a toy that will last for many many years, enjoyable for kids ages 2-99! My boys spend hours creating the designs on the box and then their own designs. Most recently, my 9 year old made a table for watching movies that included a lift for his drink and place to hold his popcorn bowl. My 7 year old made a root beer dispenser with the chutes for watching movies. (I told him it could be a prototype and we would test with water. ;) - and it worked.) Rokenbok has a great online community with a monthly gallery that we can submit to and quarterly challenges. My boys won the Holiday challenge last year in which they designed Santa's sleigh. We have Monorail Storage Depot, Monorail Starter Set, Police Defender Starter Set, many of the other vehicles, the Inventor's Toobox, the Tower Crane, Construction World II and lots of building sets. This Christmas we are going to add Architect's Dream, some more building sets, and DEFINITELY the X2 Dual Drive Power Unit! You can never have too much Rokenbok!!

Family Fun!


ROK Blocks are a wonderful toy for the whole family. My two children 13 & 10 yrs. will play with these blocks for hours with the neighbor boys 4 & 2 yrs. They build large airplanes, semi trucks, helicopters, they even built a dog house for our small dog. What is so unique about ROK Blocks is that you can build in three dimensions, thus there is no limit to what the kids can build. Building with ROK Blocks allows them complete creativity when building their structures. I would highly recommend these building blocks over any others that are on the market.

Rokenbok Toys

These are the best built toys and kids love them!

My son got one for Christmas and every time one of his friends come over they head straight for the Rokenboks and will play with them for hours on end! Now my son wants more Rokenboks for this coming Christmas! Kids never get bored with them because you can use your imagination and build different things.
They are educational, imaginative and just plain fun!

Rokenbok Rocks


We love the Rokenbok series of toys. My son is now 7 and has had them since he was 5. He will soon have another birthday and we will get him more Rokenbok. The system is great. The quality is undeniable. It is really like Lego on Steroids. Kids can build the core system and then use the RC Vehicles to actually use the platform that they build and easily add on with other products. This allows for more interaction and creative play. This stuff can be de-constructed and re-constructed many times. My son can spend a long cold afternoon playing with his Rokenbok and never get bored. Unlike Lego, which he loves, Rokenbok is totally flexible and allows for new and continued playtime. I would highly recommend the product. We are very excited that we stumbled upon this lesser known construction product. We Love it. We would highly recommend it!!!

The go-to toy!


I had never heard of Rokenbok until I was contacted about doing a review for them. Once I watched the demo video and read the descriptions of Rokenbok Toys I was thrilled and knew that my kiddos would love them!

When we received the package I handed them over to my oldest boys & told them to have fun!

Oh My Goodness! They literally played with them for the entire remainder of the day PLUS the majority of the next day. They are one of their favorite go-to toys now! I love how they encourage them to be creative, and use their imaginations!

If you’re looking for something new & different to get for your kiddos this Christmas or for an upcoming Birthday you will not go wrong with the Rokenbok.

ROK Works Construction and Action Set


Our soon to be 9-year old son received his first Rokenbok set four years ago, and we’ve been a Rokenbok family ever since. We like our children to have high quality, educational toys and this toy definitely meets this criteria.
Our son received the ROK Works Construction and Action Set (RWCAS) a few weeks ago and he loves it. Unlike his existing Rokenbok sets, the RWCAS has the ROK Star Control, a new wireless control which allows him to control any of the vehicles or machines by switching a button on the remote. Our son likes the freedom the wireless control provides…he can walk around in multiple rooms and still have control over the vehicle he is operating. Our six year old daughter also enjoys playing with the RWCAS. Although the construction blocks are still a bit difficult for her to manipulate, she is able to control the machines without a problem. My husband and I play with it too.
The Loader truck included in the RWCAS is less detailed than the vehicles in our previous sets. This truck design doesn’t allow you to place a construction worker figure into the driver’s seat, nor is it high enough to reach and unload balls into the Power Chute rock conveyor (the Power Chute was my son’s first Rokenbok set). It does however, have other advantages that my son likes. He enjoys the head lights (which are even more fun when the room is darkened) and the beeping sounds the truck makes when it backs up. Also included in the set is an automatic ball (rock) conveyor. Similar to one we already have, it separates the large and small balls and is really fun to watch.
We (our entire family, not just the children) are very happy with ROK Works Construction and Action Set - and with all the Rokenbok products we own. We expect to add to our Rok “city” soon when our son has his 9th birthday.

Excellent product!


My 5 year old son Jonah received the Get Rok'n Young Builder & Action Set a few weeks ago. From the moment we pulled it out of the box, we knew we'd love it. Set up was quick and easy thanks to the large, full-color illustrations. He was playing within minutes, and has played with it for many hours so far. The controller is easy to use but "it doesn't feel babyish", according to Jonah. I asked Jonah what he liked about it and he said "the conveyor belt because it can sort the balls" and "trucks because you can pull trailers". Also, "you can add different things." Indeed, you can add different things, as this set is compatible with the Rokenbok sets made for older children. Years from now, Jonah will probably still be using the pieces from this set in conjunction with other Rokenbok sets. The Get Rok'n Young Builder & Action Set has also been a hit with Jonah's 5 year old cousin Isabella. She said "it's cool" and asks to play with it every time she visits. Our 7 and 9 year old neighbors have been over to use it as well, and 7 year old Justin even says he wants one. I knew Jonah would love this toy, but I was pleasantly surprised how much his father and I love it, too. With Rokenbok's Lifetime Guarantee, as well as compatibility with their other products, I feel this toy is a great investment for any family.

2010 NAPPA Winner! - ROK Works Construction & Action Set




NAPPA – the National Parenting Publications Awards – is the “go-to” source for parents and professionals seeking the best children’s products (toys, games, books, music, DVDs, software, videogames Web sites and storytelling CDs and audiobooks) and resources for parents (books, DVDs, maternity and baby gear, accessories and more). The NAPPA recognition is far more than simply a “good-enough” seal of approval. It signifies that the winning product has been rigorously evaluated against stringent criteria and that it stands out among hundreds of other products from all around the world. Only the best products win the prestigious NAPPA recognition. NAPPA’s team of independent expert judges and family testers (parents and kids) select the most entertaining, appealing, safe, educational, age-appropriate and enduring products as NAPPA Gold and Honors winners

Great set to start your Rokenbok collection!


As a long time collector of Rokenbok products, I believe the Rok Works Construction set is one of the best ways to get started with Rokenbok. The set features the new Rok Star technology, which allows for wireless control of the vehicles. This is great because there is no longer a limited number of vehicles or players you can have, as long as you have enough controllers/vehicles. The other components to the set are also great, and allow for a ton of creativity from the builder.

My 14 year old son had lots of experience with the Rokenbok system before this set, and he thinks both the system and this set are great. He easily found ways to incorporate his X2 power unit in with this set, and has amazed me with the things he has built, including cars bridges and boats. He had no problem adding this set to his current collection, including sets with the old style vehicles and controllers.

Rokenbok is both fun to build and play with. There are endless possibilities for different layouts that can be built, and many different ways to build up your collection. My 14 year old son started with Rokenbok nearly a decade ago and continues to build and use it to this day.

ROK Blocks


These ROK Blocks are great! Even my 11 year old twin girls love them. It allows them to be so creative! Rokenbok allows kids to use their imagination and to build with their minds. Gotta have'em!

Rokenbok Rocks! - 5 Stars


My 9 and 4 year old LOVE this toy! As soon as it arrived, my 9-year-old worked at putting it together all by himself. While he did that, my 4-year-old started controlling the RC dump truck. They spent over 5 hours non-stop playing with this the first day they received it and have played with it everyday since.

My sons love the sound effects and how the dump truck can also work as a front loader. We all LOVE the wireless control feature.

My children found it cool how the Roks (the red and blue balls) are automatically sorted as they go off the conveyor belt. (This is due to the difference in their size.)

The dump truck can run just as well on carpet as it does on a ceramic floor.

My little one got a kick out of the chair that comes with the set for the "man" to sit on.

This is a set worth getting, but beware, once you purchase one set, you'll have to keep on purchasing more as the children love these toys and each set works well together. This is our second Rokenbok toy.

Another solid toy from Rokenbok


We got our hands on a Rokenbok set some years ago and were amazed at the control system - you could run several machines from your controller. That was awesome. The new system improves on the old by allowing kids to merely point the controller at the machine they want to control and hit the R button.

In general Rokenbok's build quality is much better than average, and we note the ruggedness and reliability of the toys. If your kids are at all interested in heavy equipment or machinery, Rokenbok is a wonderful fit because of the conveyors, lifts, etc.

Here's some of the comments from our kids:

  • "It's like having your own construction site" - 11 yr old boy
  • "The design of the sorting machine is very smart" - 6 yr old boy
  • "I love that the conveyor belt is motion-activated. I like the new quarry - the cattleguard design means the balls don't fall out" - 9 yr old boy

Our kids love the new lights on the toys, and that everything is now cordless. Also, the grandparents have found the Rokenbok toys very diverting ;-)

If you're going to invest in quality toys Rokenbok is excellent from several perspectives. First off, the toy is fun for a wide variety of ages. Next, the toys are great for social interaction, and also educate kids on design of systems (like how the conveyors sort the different size balls). Our kids have built a number of different "factories" so it appeals to the engineer / architect hidden within every child.

We highly recommend these toys.

Huge Hit at Our House!


We got Rok works and construction set thinking it would be a huge hit with my nine-year old. To our surprise, it was also a hit with his six year old sister! I love this product because the two of them actually play TOGETHER for hours. They build really cool creations and then play with the remote control vehicles. It has been a real hit in our house, and anytime we can find a toy that appeals to both of them, i am happy!

A very educational and exciting toy


My son and I couldn't wait to get the Young builder action set in the mail. The minute we recieved this in the mail my son couldn't wait to set it up. I found the new wireless controllers very appropriate for the 3+ year old range, as my son (who is 3), had a hard time with the original Rokenbok setup and required me to do all the work. My son can now set up the whole set by himself. He's getting the hang of driving and the tightness of the controls make the dump truck turn on a dime. The sounds that come from the dump truck are a nice added feature and he loves them. Great job Rokenbok.

Great addition!


We wanted to try out the new Rokenbok Rokstar systems so we purchased a new ROK Works and this. Rokenbok makes the best real working machines. The Power Sweeper is amazing and my kids and their cousins all fawn after it. And since it's combined with the new Rokstar controller it's a great value too.

Great fun!


We've been collecting Rokenbok for years and we just bought this set as a gift for my nephew's 4th birthday. He loves Bob the Builder and Cars so I though a real working remote control dump truck and construction system would be perfect for him. His eyes lit up when he saw the packaging. The rest of the party all he wanted to do was drive it around! That was about 2 months ago and my sister says he still plays with it everyday.

We Love Rokstar!!!


We've been collecting Rokenbok for over 10 years now and are just in love with the new wireless "Rokstar" control system. It's totally changed the way we play with Rokenbok. I've got a garage full of this stuff but anyone looking to get into Rokenbok should definitely start with the ROK Works start set. It has everything you need to get a nice setup going and gives you the ability to easily add other sets. It comes with the Loader, which is a really fun vehicle, and my little cousins love the automatic conveyor!

Wish they had Blocks like this when I was a kid!


For anybody who grew up playing with building blocks you know sometimes they can be less than inspiring. I've got to say these are the most imaginative pre-school aged building blocks I have ever seen. My wife's a preschool teacher and we just bought multiple packages for her class and the kids LOVE them. Combined with the standard Rokenbok wheels and other advanced building pieces you can make pretty much anything you can think up.

ROK Blocks


As always Rokenbok has created another great educational toy. My 5yr old twin boys loved the ROK blocks, one decided to make a tall tower with wheels and the other a helicopter. They have a lot of fun playing with these blocks. I like the fact that they are able to play together and are using their imagination to build different things. It is a very interactive activity and they love to share with us what they are making as they are creating. The Rok blocks are very colorful and easy to use.

A Really Cool Toy


Have you ever seen a toy that your whole family wants to play with? I hadn't! Not until I reviewed these sets from Rokenbok. My 3 yr old, my 6 yr old twins, my 9 yr old, myself, and the hubs have ALL been having fun building! Now I don't know about you, but when I find something that can entertain our entire family, I get excited! Rokenbok consists of ROK Blocks, Classic RC machines, and Complete Action Sets. Rokenbok lets the children (and adults) build their own ideas. Or if you're out of your own ideas, visit the Hard Hat Area for some inspiration! When the building is complete that's when the play begins!

We received a set of Deluxe ROK Blocks. These are my favorite!! Why? Because I really, really suck at building. I always have. BUT, with these I am a rock star! I actually was able to build a helicopter that looked just like that one!! These blocks are awesome. I have never seen blocks like these before. They are super easy to snap together, or apart. They have all sorts of pieces I've never seen before too. These are 3 dimensional pieces, with wheels and arch blocks, hinges and axles. Tons of fun! I love how the propeller can actually spin. So there I was feeling all impressed with myself because I could follow the directions and make a helicopter..... and then I stumbled onto their Builder's Hall of Fame, oh wow! You have got to see all the cool Rokenbok creations! Read the full review.

A Really Cool Toy


Have you ever seen a toy that your whole family wants to play with? I hadn't! Not until I reviewed these sets from Rokenbok. My 3 yr old, my 6 yr old twins, my 9 yr old, myself, and the hubs have ALL been having fun building! Now I don't know about you, but when I find something that can entertain our entire family, I get excited! Rokenbok consists of ROK Blocks, Classic RC machines, and Complete Action Sets. Rokenbok lets the children (and adults) build their own ideas. Or if you're out of your own ideas, visit the Hard Hat Area for some inspiration! When the building is complete that's when the play begins! The Get ROK'n Young Builder and Action Set is by far the favorite among my boys. This is the toy they keep returning to over and over and over.

This set includes the super cool Dump Truck with the ROK Star Controller, 2 little men, a Motorized Conveyor with chutes for sorting, red and blue balls to sort and several ROK Blocks to build with. The boys just love how easy it is to set up (and I love that it's easy to put away!). They fill the Dump Truck with the ROK balls take it over to the conveyor and dump them in. The Conveyor comes to life instantly, the green chutes sort them into the loading dock, where they can easily steer the Dump Truck with the controller over for another pick up. The Dump Truck can load facing forwards or backwards making it super easy for little guys. Another nice touch is that the Dump Truck has lights and makes a beeping noise when backing up. The boys really got a kick out of it! Read the full review.

Rokenbok Roks! Mom Tried It


Let me start off by telling you that these are the coolest thing our house has ever reviewed. Yep, I said it. The coolest!! We received Rokenbok building sets to review. The first one was the Rok Works Construction and Action Set. Oh…my…goodness! If you have a little boy around the ages of 5-8 (recommended for 6 and up), you have to get one of these. Yes, my son actually makes that squirrelly face when he is really excited. :-)

It came with pretty easy instructions to follow. All of the pieces were very easy to put together. The end result was the coolest building set I have ever seen! This set comes with a wireless remote control dump truck. You load the “rocks” from the quarry into the dump truck and dump them into the hopper. There is a sensor in the hopper that carries them up the conveyer belt and down a chute. As they go down the chute, they are sorted and distributed into bins. These bins have a button underneath them, so you can drive the dump truck right up to them and the bin empties into the truck. It is soooo cool. I played with this for a long time. My excuse was that I was trying to show Cole how it operated, but really I just wanted to play with it! Read the full review.

Excited is not the word to describe this product!!!


My 4 year old and 6 year old could not wait to open this toy. The three of this put it together which was extremely easy. "Mom the car backs up and makes so many sounds" was my sons first remark! "Wow look at the new controller and how the car moves around" was my daughter's reaction to the set when it was put together. The entire system is fascinating. The system is completely fully equipped with so many cool features. My 4 year old loves collecting the little men that come with the Rokenbok sets. He enjoys maneuvering the car to retrieve the balls. He even plays with the car on it's own and chases the dog with it :) We invited cousins over, ages 4-8, 4 friends ages 6,7,7, 10. They never owned a Rokenbok set so this was beyond cool for them. They fought over the controller, but lucky we have another 2 sets so we were able to alternate. I knew all the kids would have a great deal of interest in this toy, because my husband even experimented with backing up, controlling, sounds, and collecting the balls. The way this newer set is made is very sturdy. Whats best about the set is it is played with all the time. It can be taken apart, put back together, makes different structures. I would suggest using the metal tool to remove parts, as any of us could damage a piece if not paying attention. The little tool makes it impossible to hinder the set. So from 10+ kids, this toy gets 5 stars, for excitement, interest, creativity!

ROK Works Construction & Action Set


Rokenbok toys are quality toys. My children enjoy how creative they can be with these toys. They enjoy building and moving the machines around. My 7 and 9 year old really enjoy the ROK Works Construction and Action Set.

Great first set!


I bought this set for my younger child of 4. He had no problem getting the dump truck to do its thing right away. I actually had to pry him away the first day! He also loves the ease of the controller. It find it so rewarding to spend more time with my kids because I wanna play with these toys as well. I highly recommend this set!

Rok Works is Awesome!


I bought this for my kids last christmas and they absolutely loved it. I thought it was so cool that rok conveyor is able to dump into a chute that sorts the balls by color! The RC Loader is so much fun as well. My kids love filling up and clearing the quarry with the vehicle. Its been a year and they still play with it all the time! That's usually the mark of a great toy for me!

Family Fun!


Our whole family has really enjoyed playing with the vehicles and building the structures. It is very well made and the company stands 100% behind their product (a part was missing so I emailed their customer service and they immediately replaced it.)The kids like to get creative with building new structures each time the play. I intend to add more this christmas.

Since its expandable, it can be share and played by many players at the same time, its also amazing to just watch the ability of these little trucks and only limited by a persons imagination.

Don't try this with Duplos


I've never been a fan of preschool interlocking blocks. They're just boring because kids can't do much with them but stack them into a tower. But, our three and four-year-old make fun toys out of ROK Blocks all the time. Airplanes, trucks and helicopters for our son, and ponies and doll houses for our daughter. My husband loves playing with these blocks too, and it's great to see a toy that gets him engaged with the kids.

A four-yearl-old's dream toy!


I never would have guessed that our four-year-old son would be so good at operating this remote control set. There are lots of buttons and features in the remote, but he seems to understand it all. He loves to make custom trailers with the blocks that are included, and likes to make airplanes to tow with the dump truck too. His little sister is mesmerized by the conveyor. She loves to pour balls in and watch it start up by itself. Rokenbok is a home-run at our house, and we are likely to add to our collection during the holidays.

ROK Works Review


We started with ROK Blocks and the Get ROK'n set for preschoolers, but then my husband added this set. He loves the way it all works together. I love the way it gets both kids and him playing together. Our youngest loves the conveyors, our four-year-old likes driving the trucks and towing things, and they all love building, especially with the ROK Blocks. Now instead of finding the kids parked in front of the TV and my husband on the internet, as often as not they're all working together on some new ROK creation when I come home from errands. A great investment for our family.

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