Architect's Dream

Who knew you could build a Gothic cathedral or a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece with Rokenbok? That's just what expert Rokenboker Jon Ghidoni did to win our 2009 Architectural Building Challenge.  You can see Jon's builds from that contest in the Our Favorite Builds gallery. We asked Jon if he would create a building set that would make it easy for everyone to create architecturally interesting buildings, and that's how the Architect's Dream building set was born.

There is so much you can do with this set. . . and it comes with plans to build simply the best-ever Monorail Station and Depot.  Plans for a giant Monorail/Vehicle service center are also included. Here's what Jon wrote about his set:

"This is an architectural dream set for Rokenbokers.  If you like adding realism or detail to your buildings, this kit is for you.  There are a lot of decks, wall pieces, windows, doors, swinging garage doors (8!), skylight roof pieces, the solid yellow industrial roof pieces, arch braces, I beams, a few Inventor's Kit pieces, and a bunch of small detail parts.

What I was constantly asking myself was: what kind of pieces am I always wishing there were more of in all the other building sets?  While it's all about building real-looking structures, this kit will build things that will go great with vehicles.  That is the thinking behind the two models I built for the in-box step-by-step instructions, centered around the idea of multiple vehicle and monorail interaction and fun.  Also, this set will build structures from several building kits of the past:  Crane Warehouse, Auto Center, Rail Station, ROK Arena, Firehouse, ROK Garage, Service Station, and a design from Construction World I."