Railyard Adventure

We wanted to show the capabilities of the Monorail system in a fairly straight-forward and open layout.  We hope you'll notice the gorgeous trestle we designed at the back of the set; we used angle blocks to create the X style bracing.  The Monorail Depot is master builder Jon Ghidoni's (BigKid on the Forum) design from the new Architect's Dream building set.  In the scene where the Sweeper follows the Dump Truck through the Rail Crossing, we used a single ROK Star Controller and logged on to both vehicles simultaneously.

The World of Rokenbok videos were all produced, filmed, and edited by Noah Eichen, Mr. Rokenbok's son.  The filming took place in Noah's garage.  All sets were made by Noah, with the help of a couple of other Rokenbok employees, using standard Rokenbok products.  No ROKs were harmed in the making of these videos!