ROK Blocks - Mega-saurus Jumbo Set

ROAR! Unleash your imagination and travel back in time when dinosaurers walked the earth.The Mega-saurus Jumbo Set is a must have for every dinosaurer loving child. You and your child can explore the world of dinosaurs by building two of historys most famous dinosaurs. Start off with building the peaceful Triceratops with his bony frill, three facial horns, wagging tail and hoofed feet. Talk about how this leaf eater was a peaceful giant wandering the jungle in search of his next meal.  When your done transform him into infamous T-Rex, the largest of the meat-eating dinos that walked our earth.This T-Rex stands over 17" tall, features ferocious jaws that actually move with the use of our hinge blocks. This dino is looking to devour what ever stands in his way.